Totem pole in the Watchtower

Watchtower for 1 January 2006 reverse side:

Totem pole in the Watchtower

How can you put demons in photos?

Owl demon

Totem pole in the Watchtower

And above all, what's the point?! After all, it is easy to create a harmless illustration of a magazine. Why does the Watchtower Society always implement demon images and occult representations in its publications? Actually, the Watchtower was supposed to be a religious magazine. At least it claims that of itself.

But almost every Watchtower booklet contains more or less clearly recognizable demonic embeddings. The colorful clichés of Jehovah's Witnesses are systematically filled with visual "demon experiences" as if it were always a matter of keeping the Watchtower's seduction within semi-clear limits, so that no Witness can ever tell Jehovah's God: "I could not see it. I was seduced."

At the lower left edge of the picture we see a totem pole, at the middle right edge of the picture a kind of ghost with owl or cat head appears. The background, which the Watchtower presents as "picturesque Peruvian landscape", is certainly an arbitrary collage. The light distribution appears unnatural and depends on the composition of several photo elements.

If one looks at the totem pole in magnification and lets its eyes rest on it for a longer time, one recognizes again the nested and partly overlapping demon frats, which are so typical for the Watchtower publications. But the recognition of these demon faces always depends on the viewer. Just as all false interpretations of the Watchtower Society can only be recognized with the inner readiness to honestly examine the statements of the faithful and understanding slave, so the interweaving of demonic phenomena in the illustration of the Watchtower literature is to be overlooked if the inner readiness to look is not there.

But these pictures leave a bad, stressful feeling in everyone. It is out of the question that these demonic images do not leave any consequences in the mind of the viewer. It is quite possible that these images of demons cause a nasty hardening of the heart in those who once submitted to the slave from America. They look at the pictures only superficially and displace the factors of the demonology of the Watchtower into a dark corner of their mind, which they already have controlled by the American slave.

In the submission under the mental darkening procedure of the slave a mental cornea forms, a heart hardening, which is fed and supported by dark forces. The darkness in the hearts of the Jehovah's Witnesses recognizes itself in these demons and one encounters these images like a "good friend" whom one meets again and again and to whom one has become accustomed.

Through this tethered captivity of the Witness Spirit in the darkest corner of the spiritual universe is also prepared the way at the end of which the Jehovah's Witnesses yearn for the ruin and death of the rest of the world. At the same time, the demons in the Watchtower keep reminding them that they, too, can be on the WTS-Jehovah's death list if they do not serve the faithful and intelligent slave in an ice-cold and calculating manner.

As soon as a Jehovah's Witness turns on the brain, he takes the risk of falling prey to annihilation in Armageddon. But they do not want to know that Jesus Christ completely frees them from this yoke and all other shackles of the world. For they would have to follow Jesus in faith and would have nothing tangible left on this earth, no notebooks and no Watchtower society. They would have to rely directly on Jesus. They cannot and will not do that.

Jesus has been so defiled and dishonored in the teaching of the Watchtower Society that they have no chance in their lives to enter unbiasedly into the hands of him, the true Savior. They are spiritually trapped in a world that has nothing to do with God.


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