More demon representations in the Watchtower

On the following picture in the Watchtower of 15 July 2007 on page 13 there is a death mask, not hidden and yet inconspicuous.

Watchtower Death Mask

Watch out for the left forearm of the man standing on the right with the white beard! That the sleeve happens to lay down like a death mask is quite unlikely. If the Watchtower really wanted to lead people to God, such "funny details" would not be there.

Demons and the Dead Rule the Watchtower Society

The fact that the man standing on the left still looks at this death mask during the conversation and doesn't look his counterpart in the eye could also have a secondary meaning.

Please realize, Mr. Jehovah's Witness and Mrs. Jehovah's Witness, that you are putting your children in unconscious fear with this "literature" already in the very first phases of perceptual development. Is this Jehovah's friendship for you? Does God want you to put your children under massive pressure and psychologically torment them? Do you have the overview and control over your child's demonic stress?

I maintain that you have virtually no idea of the dark powers that you yourself repeatedly let in and with which you regularly feed your children. Your Watchtower following puts everything you and your family are under the control of the Watchtower Society! You surrender and sin against yourself, your children, and God.

Jesus does not come with persuasive words. Jesus also does not come with scaremongering and demonic burden. Jesus frees you and lets you feel Him in your heart when you let Him in. You will feel the love for him in one fell swoop when you join him. There is nothing to practice, as the Watchtower claims, there is no need for training and no discipline.

For by his power alone we become believers. He is the Beginner and Perfector of faith. Our only task that we have to fulfill is a serious yes to him.


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