Demons in the Watchtower of March 2019

The Handwriting of Freemasonry

Working with hidden symbols is one of the hobbyhorses of Freemasonry. You know that. Something that concerns the true message is never shown openly in Masonic products. The hidden demons in JW.ORG literature correspond exactly to this pattern of action. In the Watchtower of March 2019, we find a dog-like head, which, on closer inspection of the title page, appears in the man's coat. The man stands in front of three gravestones and the question is emblazoned over all: "Why is life so short?"

Should Jehovah's Witnesses be told subliminal that as dog-like beings they have no long life to expect? It is fitting that many Jehovah's Witnesses had to die far too early at a young age because of the blood doctrine of JW.ORG. The Governing Body likes to boast about it. They published a magazine reporting on Jehovah's Witnesses who lost their lives early because of their rejection of blood transfusions. Basic tenor: "They preferred Jehovah."

Jehovah, the God of dog-like beings, decides for these people about life and death. The mouthpiece of this God is the Watchtower Society or JW.ORG.

In the same watchtower is the image of an alchemist armed like a Muslim, ignoring the demonic beings who ascend from the pot on the fire. If you take a closer look at this boring picture, you will find a lot of strange faces that you already know very well from the Watchtower literature. In the gallery view (All Pictures) you can zoom and see details. This image is an excellent search image, but not suitable for children.

During the work on this page more and more heads, faces and grimaces appear. Processed were:

  • Demon in steam above the pot on the fire
  • Demon on the left cheek of the alchemist
  • Head with a grim face, toothless, which could indicate the impotence of alchemy

How harmless the subliminal insertions are!

The fact that the Watchtower Society is particularly interested in drawing children into the satanic world of Freemasonry is shown by a picture from a watchtower from earlier times. The picture radiates an exaggeratedly senseless joy of life. It's worth being pushed around by some princes of the JW.ORG for the rest of your life. After the death, the total destruction, the restoration from the hard disk memory of the dog god expects one then and one can spend then eternally the most beautiful vacation. This permanent vacation is the real life, says the dog god.

Let the teeth-bleeding grimaces worry you a little! As Jehovah's Witnesses, you are the first to be informed about the demonic background of JW.ORG. Familiarize yourself with the idea that JW.ORG is designed to destroy people. On the material level, for example, they do it by killing people by blood refusing. On the spiritual level, they do it by demonic attachment to a false God.


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