Learn from the great teacher

For the book "Learn from the Great Teacher" that the little ones love so much, the Watchtower Society advertises in Watchtower and Awake with sweet little Witness Jehovah's girls who in the tender preschool age embrace this book hot and intimately. The kiddies can still say: They're doing something!

Let's take a closer look at this children's book! Already on page 6 the children are subjected to subliminal manipulation:

What children need from their parents

Already at first sight the left sleeve of the father appears abnormal. A fat S appears there. It stands for Satan.

Satans-S, the signature of the Satan slave

Early on, the Watchtower Society begins to manipulate the children. The children of Jehovah's Witnesses are accustomed to the abstrusities as early as possible so that they do not suspect anything later. This does even more: When Jehovah's Witnesses look into "literature" later than adults, they immediately recognize the old "smell" and are immediately embedded in their childhood experiences. So the demons and Satan signs are even useful to maintain the bond of the once blinded lifelong.

beak-beings in the back

The girl has a beak-beings in the back, who seems to watch everything very calmly. The depiction of observing eyes is one of the most intense means of manipulation. To be observed at every turn is the life of Jehovah's Witnesses. Absolute control is their feeling of life.

It gets particularly creepy when the eye sockets are empty. This is the direct allusion of death and origin from another realm. A watchtower kingdom that hardly anyone can classify as the kingdom of God.

Observing eye animal

Also behind the sofa cushion lurks a small eye animal, which seems to control the situation exactly.

It is quite incomprehensible that the Jehovah's Witnesses who see this evidence of their spiritual imprisonment either fight like stabbed pigs against the Enlightenment or fall into a stiffness that says, "Leave me alone, leave me alone!

Does it make sense to leave someone in spiritual captivity if one can prove that it is practiced by someone who has only the lower interest to get rid of Jesus as God? Should religious freedom really be extended to the freedom for lies? May a religion which calls itself Christian and which, like Islam, calls itself the only true religion, in the name of freedom of religion practise any lie, no matter how violent, and use dirty means of manipulation and spiritual confusion?

Perhaps it is even quite favourable if the Watchtower Society in Europe receives the status of a church. Perhaps the last exposure of these despisers of the truth must come after the great marriage with the state. We do not know.

The very special gag:

Eben this book, one page further: Children today are confronted with illicit sex, spiritualism and other reprehensible practices to an extent that would have been almost inconceivable years ago.


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