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To pull Jesus down as far as possible, the Watchtower Society is right to any means. Because one thing must not be allowed to happen. Namely, that he is God. The Creator who made himself human for us and lived through everything we live through. The Incarnate Creator, who went beyond that the way of those who perish in the lust for money and power of the authorities of this world. To deny this possibility that God went the deepest way for us, the Watchtower Society is building an image of Jesus that can only hurt real Christians.

Jesus with blow-dry hairstyle

Again some demons in the black background can be seen with the naked eye. Rotate the image in the light when you have this Watchtower.

The Watchtower Society is basically very interested in making Jesus as ridiculous as possible. In the picture above, he can be seen as a slick know-it-all. A beauty who stands out from the rest of the world only revolves around himself. Another example can be found her and also here.

In the Watchtower for September 1, 2007, the Watchtower Society already propagates in the image of Jesus: "This man had only one job! The comment to the picture makes this once again clear: "... during his entire activity ... "

In this way, the Watchtower Society would like to present Jesus as a vacuum cleaner representative of Jehovah who has done his duty from beginning to end. Just as today's Jehovah's Witness is also to uphold his duty to the Watchtower Society, Jesus is portrayed as a dutiful, diligent Jehovah's servant of duty. Jesus always appears in the publications of the Watchtower Society as the one who knows he is doing the right thing. But that he is the right one, the only true one, the truth, is deliberately swept under the carpet.

Thus the Watchtower Society crucifies Jesus over and over again by ascribing to him the supreme role of a Jehovah's Witness. What the then Roman and Hebrew authorities physically did to Jesus, the Watchtower Society does to Jesus in the spiritual sense again and again. Jesus must go away. Jesus as the one who is the truth himself must go away!

Thus the Watchtower organization does not accept Jesus, but rather negotiates him off. It designs a cored pattern of him. For the Jehovah's Witnesses he is only one who performed his sermon ministry in a special way. According to this WTS pattern, Jesus can only be a kind of role model, but never the truth itself.

If the Watchtower Society really had the search for truth on its agenda, then they would seek Jesus. But they do not. They supposedly have all knowledge about him already in their pockets and chat about him in their publications as about a good dutiful colleague.

But the fact that Jesus suffered under the Father's will as a human being belongs to the fact that God in Jesus did not reveal Himself to man in a divine way, but in a completely human way. This perfect incarnation of God is abused by the Watchtower to achieve its goal of making this Jesus unacceptable as God. He propagates a Jesus, who was later placed in the highest function by God through his perfect fulfillment of duty, and thus achieves the side effect that Jehovah's Witnesses can always count on promotion in their everyday ministry.

Just as modern "scientific" interpretations always sketch Jesus in such a way that he really cannot be God, so the Watchtower Society also always gives Jesus something attractive. He is sexy. He comes along as a very good looking man and impresses people with his body and his looks. His outfit is perfect. The beard is always super horny, the hairstyle lace. The face is always the face of him I will never get as a woman, and the face of him I envy as a normal person for his looks.

But God can't be sexy! God is not an interesting man or an attractive person! So the Watchtower already manages through his representations of Jesus to bawl him out so much that hardly an argument is made if one wants to make people understand that Jesus is really God, who showed himself to us in human form.

This work of the Watchtower Society is a single burrowing in our human clichés. The human spirits are manipulated and subjected to a carnal approach by this propaganda of the Watchtower Society, which makes it impossible for them to see Jesus as more than what the Watchtower Society wants him to see as true.

As clean as the Jehovah's Witnesses come with their clean publications, so dirty is the way they deal with Jesus. They have turned away from the Bible and turned to an organization that fulfills only one interest: The humiliation of Jesus.

Only someone who has come to know Jesus himself can see the real dirt that the Watchtower booklets spread. Whoever knows him is like a car lover who has to watch powerlessly how the most beautiful car in the world is sold as a flower pot. First the window panes are knocked out and then the interior is filled with potting soil. Then it is placed in the garden of the Watchtower Society and planted with all kinds of colourful pretty flowers.

The Watchtower Society crucifies Jesus over and over again.


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