Watchtower Retouching

If you want to mislead people in a sustainable way, you have to be as careful as possible in all your actions. The Watchtower Society's "literature" often includes depictions of demons in the attached illustrations. These are subliminal images of demons, which are not intended to be consciously perceived by the viewer, but serve a different purpose. In the long development of the Watchtower's own custom of publishing such pictures, certain favorite passages have developed which the Watchtower painters prefer to use to accustom the viewer to the retouching.

One often finds timid to daring attempts to achieve certain effects by retouching in the same places. Apparently – because of the maxim of the cautious approach – the emphasis is not so much on the uniqueness of the appearance, but rather on doing it over and over again. This has the effect that the viewer of the demon depictions no longer sees the retouching of the Watchtower out of sheer habituation.

In the Watchtower for the first of May 2008 on page 26 there is a picture that has nothing to do with the Bible, so it should hardly be suitable for weaving in demons.

Watchtower Retouching

And yet the hairstyle was retouched again on the back of the woman's head. The result is a kind of skull silhouette. The purpose of these actions seems to be to develop routine in hidden retouching and to encourage the viewer to get used to such little things.

Watchtower Retouching nearer

This silhouette of a skull of aotoen takes on a different shape or direction depending on the point of view. This phenomenon can be found in many of the Watchtower Retouchings and is a sign that the Watchtower Society's image manipulators have learned their craft well over the decades. It would be highly interesting to know when and under what conditions the decorators of the Watchtower are initiated into these things.

Pretty dirty game

The real question behind these retouching activities of the Watchtower Colorful Pictures Department must be the question: What can be expected of the recipient of "literature" in terms of manipulation without him slipping from the hand of the manipulators?

With how much obvious nonsense and contradictions can the Watchtower come to the sheep without them moving their brains and standing on their hind legs? This is the art of the Brooklyn manipulators. They are specialists at disguising themselves and luring the greatest possible stupidity potential out of their "clientele".

This potential for stupidity has now even been transferred to the German judiciary, which is turning the organization of this Brooklyn newspaper publisher into a church.


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