Plush Beard Jesus Demon

Advertising the Anti-Last Supper of Jehovah's Witnesses ....
this is the celebration where everyone has to let bread and wine pass.

Now the Watchtower is turning Jesus into a kind of stuffed animal! He comes along fluffy. How likeable. A Jesus on the Sypathiewelle of Knut and Flocke! What is going on in the heads of the American faithful and intelligent slave? – At any rate, the faithful and understanding slave cannot be taken: To hide a small inconspicuous devil in Jesus' plush beard. This is important for the Watchtower! – But totally by chance. Sure!

Jesus as a stuffed animal

And when Satan wanted to show Jesus a bird, this plush beard Jesus has only a very small blood spot. He sits on his forehead, where you always tap with your index finger.

A devil in the beard of Jesus

This is understandable, because in the beard of this fluffy Jesus there is a ... na? What could it be? Right! A little devil. – According to good old watchtower custom there is a demon in the depiction quite by chance. But that is of course completely coincidental! Isn't it? It is far too much to ask that Christian representations are free of demons. No, that cannot be done!

But only with the Watchtower, because the Watchtower spreads satanic writings and not Christian literature. The Watchtower is the perfect satanic falsification of literature that makes a Christian claim. And because the leaf with this representation was to be distributed to a great many people, the demon had to be implemented inconspicuously into Jesus' plush beard.

Watchtower Devil

Why can't the faithful and intelligent slave do without putting devils and demons into the representations of the persons Satan hates? Why is it a permanent phenomenon in Jehovah's Witnesses' publications that demons always populate especially the representations where biblical connections are depicted?

the incredible WTS Satanism

There's only one explanation. The Watchtower Society is a perfidious trick of Satan to distract people from Jesus. He uses the pride and intellectual imagination of the people and leads them astray according to all the rules of diabolical art. The entire Watchtower literature is stuffed with demonic representations.

WTS-Satanismus WTS-Satanismus WTS-Satanismus


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