Memorial meal on 31 March 2018

Someone just sent me some pictures he extracted from the 2018 invitation flyer of the Watchtower Society to commemorate the death of Jesus. For some time now the depictions of demons in the Watchtower literature have become much more harmless. The style of the illustrations is based on coarse lines in order to dispel the suspicion that graphic allusions might hide here. And yet the Watchtower Society has suffered no damage to its credibility over the decades. The people who engage with this religion are completely sufficient for society. To the nutrition, to the exploitation and to deter as many as possible from Jesus. It is not about high numbers or the salvation of people, but only about the skillfully placed lie.

What do I see?

Hello Mr. Anonym, first of all many thanks for the pictures. Of course, I would have enjoyed it if you had described your personal impressions briefly. Maybe you'll add these impressions later in the form of a commentary.

What do I see in the pictures right away? The first thing that strikes me is a normal frightening back. If I met these men in a pub, ...

I don't even care about the sinister faces. After all, Jesus' disciples had to hear that he would be crucified the next day. You certainly don't make a relaxed impression. But what annoys me is the fact that there are only Bavaria and Hesse depicted here, but no Jews. The watchtower Jesus has the appearance of an East Frisian fisherman. His reddish hair betrays him as a Nordic man. Maybe he immigrated from Norway or Iceland to East Frisia.

Differently than Mr. Anonym has marked it, I see a figure from Sesame Street exactly above the ear of the Watchtower-Jesus, a kind of crumb monster, whose neck is completely pulled down.

The emphasis of Mr. Anonym (thank you for that) marks a few nice inlays that the Satanic society cannot let go of. You can see facial features, fragments of grimaces and the ear on the far right reminded me of Adolf Hitler at first. But when I enlarged the picture, I recognized this opened mouth with one tooth.

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Historical-Satanic Background

Only the Watchtower President Fred Franz came up with the fairy tale that Jesus did not die for all people, but only for 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses. All other people must be especially at the service of these 144,000 Jehovah's Witnesses so that they, as fellow-connected people, would have a certain, unspecified chance to live eternally in a carnal paradise. However, the 144,000 elite saved supposedly formed the great Christ together with Jesus, so that this troop of 144,001 men could somehow bring the rest of the people through something. But all this is then no longer explained plausibly, but only mentioned again and again in spongy phrases. As often as possible.

The associated theory of this Fred Franz states that only the 144,000 of the symbols may take bread and wine. And this leads to the glorious Jesus rejection feast that Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate every year for the joy of Satan. They celebrate the commemoration of death and let this Jesus, which they did not need, pass by. They solemnly pass on bread and wine and thus solemnly reject Jesus. What a satanic ceremony!

My conclusion

The satanic Jesus-rejection-celebration and this we-rejoice-us-that-he-died-is-celebration is only a small example of people's efforts to ridicule Jesus and deter people from him. When I consider how many ideas man has already developed to keep other people away from Jesus, it seems very suspicious to me. This constant effort to ridicule Jesus tells me again and again that Jesus must indeed be God, come into the flesh and crucified for our sins. If that were not the case, why would so many religions oppose him? Catholicism, for example, turns Jesus into a business idea by sacrificing him anew every day and asserting that this sacrifice must be accepted regularly. – And then the ... oh! Already three o'clock!


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