Why Watchtower Demons?

If the Watchtower would actually value Jesus for even 5 cents, why does the Watchtower constantly bring any grimaces in the images that make fun of the Jesus depicted there? Why is this mockery always built into the background of the picture?

Watchtower 1 January 2006, page 21

The snapshot of a group of people gathered around Jesus and listening to him (in the Watchtower for January 1, 2006, page 21) looks harmless from a distance. But the tree trunk in the right half of the picture is "decorated" with two grimaces, one of which stretches out the tongue disparagingly.

Demons in the tree trunk

You can see two grimaces in the tree trunk. The grimace pointing to the left, looking at Jesus, stretches out his tongue to mock him and to express disgust and hatred.

If the Watchtower Society is indeed of God, if it would actually value Jesus (it cannot love and worship him), why are these gross mockeries repeatedly incorporated into the Watchtower Society's representations? Can this be done with the right things?

It is obvious that the Watchtower Society in this way either follows a law which it also has to observe, according to which Satan has to reveal himself in some way, or it is already grazing on the successful seduction of human beings.

A lie organization that has managed to give itself a pious coat of paint, that has managed to make even the most intimate participants believe that they are serving God. The permanent public repetition of the mockery of Jesus, this ever-again-Jesus stepping into the mud, this insidious laughter at the Word of God can only be a sign that the Watchtower Society comes from a root that has nothing to do with God but only with the adversary God Satan. The fact that it blinds millions of people and publicly laughs at Jesus through these demon representations, passes Jehovah's Witnesses by. They are blind to the eye of critical examination and have no connection to the Word of God, though they leaf through the Bible 3 to 4 times a week like the savages.

The success of the Watchtower Society is open fraud. The success of the Faithful and Intelligent Slave is the demonstration of human piety and the demonstration of human vanity. The effective capture of pious men in a heresy is the merit of the Watchtower Society. She is a servant of Satan, who will once reproach Jehovah's Witnesses that they could have seen everything if they had opened their eyes only a crack.


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