Well-known sleeve demon

Oh, you old watchtower! How you shine with unfolded uniformity and constantly repeated drops caving the stone! You have a few instruments in your repertoire and you sprinkle them into your seductive writings every now and then. You rely on the faithful and sensible repetition of your misleading techniques. You are the false and unintelligent slave and can easily be recognized as such if you take a closer look at your publications.

In your book "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived," chapter 36, you once again show your standard sleeve demon. And so that the sleeve demon does not sink again as pure coincidence, you again let the man standing on the left, who is actually in conversation with his opposite and should look him in the eyes, look exactly and with an excited facial expression at this demon. Well done, Watchtower. You can be relied upon. Your concept is reliable and serves with accuracy and meticulousness to drive people mad.

Well-known sleeve demon

Well? Jehovah's Witness? Do you recognize it? See how the guy on the left is all excited and looks at the sleeve demon? If you think this is just a coincidence, then click this page. Then you see that the Chose with the Sleeve Demon is a tried and tested tactic of the slave to lead you astray. You don't get it at all. But that still goes into your subconscious. And you, who sucks up everything from the slave like the sponge the water, you are so deformed in quite a short time that you can make no more own value judgement.

Well-known sleeve demon

Emperor Franz only says: "Jooo, is that schooo like demon time?"

Jehovah's Witnesses! You're a bunch of Satan's scrapped people. So that you don't notice, Satan suggests to you that you are the greatest types in the world and that Jehovah's full pot is on you. But the truth is and remains Jesus Himself. Whoever does not receive him into his heart will never experience the power of God.

The Watchtower has successfully installed this in you so that you can never experience the power of God.


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