You can live forever in paradise on earth

The beautiful woman represents the Watchtower Society, which presents the receptive Jehovah's Witness with a strawberry with a green horned crown. The boy, who is the willing Jehovah's Witness here, does not resist, but is ready to swallow the thing. His posture signals that he will not take the strawberry in his hand to really enjoy it after he has removed what is not edible.

Page 3 of the book "You can live forever in paradise on earth"

Who wouldn't want to be fed by a beautiful woman? Who would express his distrust of such a beautiful woman by first checking and, if necessary, cleaning her? The simple courtesy requires the Jehovah's Witness to swallow the "good food at the right time" with the dirt and make a sweet face to it. You can't give your benefactor a bad feeling just because you take care of yourself and protect yourself from swallowing any dirt! In this simple way, the Watchtower Society has the power to pump Jehovah's Witnesses full of lies and filth.

In order to clarify this simple but decisive connection, the Watchtower Society is satisfied with an image that is otherwise not further contaminated with demon images. The message "you have to swallow everything we give you" is important and decisive enough for the Watchtower Society to dispense with the satanic inlays often found in this picture. Every reader who leafs over this picture without being disgusted by what is put in the boy's mouth has already allowed himself to be lied to by the Watchtower Society without examining it.

Interesting are the two people who watch benevolently and happily the act of feeding Jehovah's Witnesses. They stand for the fact that swallowing everything the Watchtower Society comes up with is a communal experience. In the funny community of the Watchtower-all-Swallowers a critical attitude is impossible. You are watched by so many friendly people and if you don't play the game, you are quickly logged out.

The picture on page 3 of the book "You can live forever in paradise on earth" is comparable to a half crushed eye on the bumper of a driving school car. The student driver, who is not further disturbed by the eye sticking to the bumper, is the ideal customer for this driving school. The person who is not further disturbed by the image on page 3 is already quite well sucked in and only has to be stupid and unscrupulous enough to swallow the inhumanities of the Watchtower religion.

The illustration on page 3 of the book "You can live forever in paradise on earth" already anticipates the sitemap of the whole book. She says: "You will enjoy the reading. It's nice to look at and it tastes very good to a large extent. But you won't really be able to swallow it and you'll be choking and coughing on it all your life and you'll vomit. This is the true intention of the Watchtower Society! It leads people away from Jesus on a journey to spiritual death.


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