Demon on the back of the Polled

The Watchtower Society continues to betray Jehovah's Witnesses badly. In March 2008, a letter was read at the meetings saying that the demons in the Watchtower magazines were normal. One sees something like this in nature and therefore they are not intentionally inserted into the pictures of the Watchtower. The Watchtower for 1 March 2008 shines again with demons. This time you can find them on the title page and on the back page. (Previous page!)

The Watchtower Society is so bold that it is really surprising that Jehovah's Witnesses do not respond accordingly. The Watchtower Society is coldly pulling through its demon program because it feels safe. It has a firm foothold in the world.

Demon on the back of the Polled

On the left side of the back of the one who is supposed to represent Jesus is a well hidden demon (see arrow). Either the Romans quickly tried to tattoo Jesus or the Watchtower Society used the image of Jesus' impalement to send another demon into the house of Jehovah's Witnesses. Of course or by chance it is not! Surely the demon is well hidden, so you have to look longer. But it can't be coincidence!

Jehovah's Witnesses! These images have a deliberate, planned and intended satanic sitemap! You are all under the influence of demons without knowing it. Even if one ignores the spiritual dimension of this fact, there is still the purely psychological effect that Jehovah's Witnesses have on you of the faithful and intelligent slave. You are manipulated and mocked. The naivety of Jehovah's Witnesses is tragic anyway. But here comes the obvious mockery and manipulation by constant demon images in the Watchtower publications.

Open your eyes! Finally hit your forehead with your flat hand and finally see that you've fallen for one of the worst lying slaves in the world! The Watchtower Society is based on Freemasonry. It pursues goals that can never be God's goals! It prevents in most of its sacrifices that they can ever come to Jesus. The Watchtower Society grabs you with an iron grip and keeps you under the spell of fear.

Zur aktuellen Darstellung

What is the Brettbart man doing with the curtain, by the way? His beard looks completely unnatural. The chin beard looks more like a pyramid. On the grave of Charles T. Russel stands a pyramid with Freemason symbols.

Decorator under the post Celtic woman with slaughter sword

By the way, what is the Celt doing when she leans on a suggested battle sword?

What, by the way, is the Roman doing in his freshly polished breastplate? Is he afraid that the body of the chosen one might fall off? Does the Watchtower Society really want to suggest here that the Romans already worshiped this man?

By the way, where are Jesus' wounds?

The great interest of the Watchtower Society is the elimination of truth. It uses all the means at its disposal to do this. She manipulates through meaningless, but nevertheless fear-inducing texts, she dictates through a perfect spy service with the Jehovah's Witnesses, she terrifies everyone. As in any totalitarian society, the beneficiaries are the influential, the flippant women of the elders and the control angels of the overseas slave. Beneficiaries in the highest ranks are the Freemasons, who know that they serve Satan.

The great goal of the Watchtower Society is to make the Jehovah's Witnesses something similar to what the world found in Germany during the Third Reich. Blind fighters, rabid rulers, unscrupulous oppressors and tormentors. They are people who, without mercy, prefer to let their children die when they need a blood transfusion rather than allow them to undergo this treatment. They are people who look forward to dancing on the graves of those who have stayed away from the Watchtower society. They are people whose only happiness is to be better than the rest of the world.

The walls of the Jehovah's Witness prison are getting thicker and thicker. With every fist thicker lie the Jehovah's Witnesses put up with, they slide deeper into the dungeon of the irreversibility of their error. They have courageously walked the lighter part of the way and are led on ever darker paths. Like one looking in the tunnel for the much longed-for light at the end, they cannot consider turning back. They are usually trapped forever in the delusion that the Watchtower Society has implanted in them. With every step in the wrong direction, reversal becomes more difficult.


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