Is that the Rosicrucian in the Watchtower?

Watchtower Edge Decoration – Rosary?

In the Watchtower of 15 July 2007 on pages 6 and 7 we find a pretty border decoration. In the corners there are circular rosette-like symbols, which should attract our attention.

Is this about the Masonic Rosicrucian?
Does this have something to do with the Rosicrucians?

Is that the Rosicrucian in the Watchtower?

Anyone who has information on this is cordially invited to contribute their findings here. For if these harmless looking ornaments are really about the symbolism of Masonic associations, we can assume that the Watchtower is nothing more than a world conspiratorial organization that has as much to do with God and His Word as capitalism has with the welfare state.

In this case, a review of the Watchtower Society as a public corporation would be highly important and useful. Because underground movements must never influence the life of a state by exercising special rights!

And if it is, it will be after Armageddon!


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