Demons in hairstyles

The art of integrating demonic images into pictures seems to be masterfully mastered by the Watchtower Society. Most demonic images are so finely located on the borderline of what is immediately recognizable that the viewer rarely has to admit: Yes, it is a demon.

What is noticeable, however, is the frequency of demonic apparitions in the hairstyles of the otherwise meticulously realistic depicted persons in the Watchtower exercise books. One gets the impression that the Watchtower draughtsman is particularly free to hide demons in the unmanageability of dense hair. But experience shows that this method is only used cautiously. The bottom line is that the demonic phenomena in the Watchtower are very evenly distributed and very deliberately arranged.

The borderline value of these demon images suggests that the Watchtower Society can be relatively certain that this abundance, this extraordinarily high number of demonic representations, will ultimately not attract attention. But the normal everyday experience commands every human being: This can no longer be a coincidence! This wide dispersion of little devils, grinning grimaces, pale skulls and abstruse animals in the Watchtower literature no longer occurs in other publications worldwide.

In order to make the methods of the Watchtower Society recognizable slowly and with patience, it is necessary to document even borderline representations. The rich illustration of the Watchtower publications must not become an obstacle to continuing to pursue this abomination of the successors of Freemason Charles T. Russell. Even if there is a danger of getting used to it and the reader of these pages might like to wave down after a certain distance, every find should find its place here. Because in the long run such a documentation also represents a historical value.

The desire to refute the "theology" of the Watchtower rather than always scanning only the demons in the Watchtower is certainly justified. But according to Jehovah's Witness, experience is so immunized against any logical thought that apparently only the recommendation remains that he ask Jesus personally what the Watchtower Society is all about. Otherwise, Jehovah's Witness has no chance of ever opening his spiritual eyes.

It is simply not normal for someone to constantly read booklets that claim to reflect the Holy Spirit, but are consistently and repeatedly confronted with demons. To endure the demonic nature of the Watchtower requires a mental cornea that can only be applied by people whose most primitive psycho-needs are addressed and served, and who, through this hardening, despite or because of their self-satisfaction, regard themselves as good people.

The confrontation of man with the Watchtower demons is highly unusual and deserves the attention of the state. The permanent infiltration of the people with these oh so harmless colorful kitsch pictures is only the outer shell, the masked vehicle to spread satanic visions among the people. The hidden demons in the watchtowers were not created by chance.

In the Watchtower Publication "The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived" we find on the double page 7 pictures which are supposed to paint that the three holy kings were led by the devil. But we discover demons only in the hairstyles of the more propper Jesus child and his dearly hairdressed mother Mary!

Appearance of the three holy kings

Jesus is sitting next to his mother. For an infant he makes a strange impression. On this Watchtower illustration he looks like a child at least three years old. The enlargement of the Jesus hairdo and the Maria hairdo again gives an insight into the true desires of the Watchtower Society. It is the penetration of everything that has to do with Jesus, with devils.

Hairstyle Demons

It may certainly and quite strange to take a critical look at these images. Some people may grab their heads and say: Oh nonsense! These are only hairs! But look at the dark stripe that represents the mouth of the demon in the hairstyle of this very precocious Jesus. There is no such strange haircut in the world. No hairdresser could do such a thing if he didn't use plastic or cardboard or dough. The hair of these creatures is abnormal and artificial! It is the product of those who at all costs want to place demons in the hairstyles of these people.

Even if the Watchtower Society tries to keep the Christian side's attempts to uncover the truth silent, the noose will still tighten in the long term and people will immediately recognize that the Watchtower Society is a liar on Satan's behalf. The Masonic intention of her leadership will be exposed and exposed. The Watchtower Society lives only through godlessness. It grabs people who have never known God and so deforms them that they never again get a chance to approach Jesus impartially.

But he who knows Jesus knows that there is no place for manipulation or spiritual imprisonment with him. Who the Son makes free, he is quite free!


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