Watchtower December 2013: Demons must be!

The Watchtower Society can't do without demons!

The Watchtower Society has made several deep cuts, although it remains unclear whether these cuts were necessary. The explanation of their origin is much closer than the compulsion to save: People who are in the possession of the Watchtower Society must be piously tortured and destroyed!

Take a look at the message given to Jehovah's Witnesses here by their God-like chief slave! The man speaks disgustingly unclearly, absolutely not engaged, almost bureaucratically bored.

Kingdom halls are being sold, the Watchtower illustrations have become thinner and all full-time servants have been exempted in one fell swoop, so that more than 80,000 people worldwide are becoming Watchtower victims beyond the usual extent. However, these poor people will continue to believe in the divinity of Jehovah's organization. They are not able to recognize the Watchtower Society as what it is: an artificial religious construction.

But so that these deceived people will have no excuse before God, the Watchtower Society still incorporates demonic grimaces into its illustrations. These subliminal references to the satanic origin of the Jehovah religion must be maintained at all costs so that not a single Jehovah's Witness can ever speak before God: I couldn't see the lies.

Watchtower December 2013, title page – click on pictures!

The woman's hairstyle on the title page of the Watchtower of 01 December 2013 is somehow glued at the back. Didn't this woman have time to comb her hair properly? No. She had something integrated into her hairstyle afterwards, which is certainly not to be seen on the working photo. It is the distorted face of the man who is playing the praying family father.

Is the woman's hair just glued by accident?

Anyone who now argues that the woman's hair is only glued to a grimace by pure chance should take a look at the other "coincidences" occurring in this watchtower.

Watchtower December 2013, page 3 – click picture!

On pages 4 and 5 we find a Jehovah's Witness who also has something in his hair.

Watchtower December 2013, pages 4 and 5 – Click on the pictures!

Special pioneer, full-time servant

The Watchtower Society pleasurably demonstrates its life-destroying effect through the examples of those who have fallen particularly hard for the lies of the Jehovah religion. Here, she introduces a full-time servant who has dropped out of his studies for the Watchtower Society shortly before graduation. This man is particularly proud to have given his life for the Watchtower religion. Is his face satanically marked for this reason? Or did the Watchtower Society not incorporate the repetition of his face as a grimace until later?

Watchtower December 2013, pages 8 and 10 – Click on the pictures!

The face on the forehead of Jehovah's Witness is of such high quality that it is hard to imagine that something like this had actually developed on the forehead of Jehovah's Witness in the course of his forfeited life. The features of this repetitive face are so real and vivid that one must assume that this small face was added later.

Rather, something like this is deliberately installed so that not a single Jehovah's Witness can jump off Satan's shovel. Jesus says: "You will die in your sins if you do not believe that I am! This means that all those who do not acknowledge Jesus as the Father made man will be lost. For someone who only makes Jesus a prophet or an angel or something similar that is not God Himself, there is no salvation. The Watchtower Society itself makes this unmistakably clear by telling its victims through subliminal insertions that it is diabolical and only wants to prevent the redemption of people.

If one considers the resounding effect of the fanatical Watchtower heresy, these satanic references to the Watchtower Society weigh twice as heavily. The Jehovah's organization is absolutely certain of itself that it can seduce many, many people! And the spiritual attitude of the Jehovah's Witnesses proves it right. The fanatical steadfastness of Jehovah's Witnesses bears witness against themselves. The earthly paradise is the dream that moves them. Not Jesus, not God. Only the fleshly life on an eternal earth.


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