Demons in the Watchtower again and again

Every Christian publisher will confirm that it is absolutely avoidable to make demons appear randomly or not randomly in Christian literature. Both the technique and the choice of representations are perfectly sufficient to prevent any unintentional depiction of demons in Christian publications. Even if it is a slimy business, the behavior is changed immediately after the first reader demand at the latest, so that such demon images cannot appear.

Not at the watchtower! The Watchtower Society, as a Christian named publisher, is afraid of the numerous hints in public (mainly on the internet), which denounce demonic representations in the Watchtower magazines. The Watchtower Society is completely unaware of this. It has nothing to lose. It has the Jehovah's Witnesses fully under control.

But what should be the motivation of a supposedly Christian publishing company to continually incorporate devilish creatures into its supposedly Christian publications? Shouldn't they also separate the Christian from the Satanic? Why doesn't the Watchtower Society do this?

Every true Christian experiences that mixing Christian teaching with satanic components becomes an abomination to him. If, as a non-believer, he still did not take offence at such things, he very quickly gains a reliable sensitivity in these things by believing in Jesus Christ. This sensitivity is a component of the spirit discernment which the Holy Spirit gives to his own.

With the Watchtower Society, especially with the Watchtower Regents sitting at the very top, this sensitivity does not occur. On the contrary, the viewer who is not plagued by Watchtower dependency must suspect that, on the contrary, the top of the Watchtower almost has the need to integrate these demons into its publications again and again.

Corn-picking on the Sabbath

We find in chapter 31 of the Watchtower Book "The greatest man who ever lived" again demons in the hairstyles of two disciples of Jesus. The demons in the hairstyle of the right man are again so interlocked that one cannot recognize them all immediately. But the demon on the far right with the mouth open should be quickly recognizable by everyone.

Demons in the hairstyle

Women's hair demon – all just coincidence!

It is not to be understood that alleged Christians permanently publish demons! The Watchtower Society cultivates this peculiarity, again and again and very broadly distributed and always very differently well hidden demons in its writings to depict. Every Christian knows from the bottom of his heart that this is a sure sign for a religion of the suppression of Jesus. The Watchtower doctrine is a deformity of the devil.

Demons in the hairstyle

It's unbelievable that so many intelligent people follow this delusion. Jehovah's Witnesses are victims of an anti-Christian system. Jehovah's Witnesses have been deceived so profoundly that it can no longer be expressed in human words.


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