Bread and wine under demons

Every year, the Watchtower group of Jehovah's Witnesses celebrates the Anti-Cenacolo. None of the foot people has the chance to make real contact with God. (They call it "heavenly hope".) Only the "anointed", thus those who belong to the leading elite of the Watchtower Society, may take of bread and wine. So it happens that Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide celebrate a veritable anti-Cenacle meal because they have to let bread and wine pass by.

This is a blinding trick of Satan to initiate the real Lord's Supper as a counter-demonstration to Jehovah's Witnesses and to show the world that the Watchtower Society has nothing to do with Jesus. At the same time, he manages to deceive the Jehovah's Witnesses so profoundly that they themselves believe they are celebrating the Lord's Supper in its proper form.

The publications of the Watchtower Society show once again that this cannot be the case! It publishes pictures in which the Lord's Supper with Jesus and his disciples, which takes place under the eyes of many demons, is shown.

Bread and wine under demons

Representation of the Last Supper in the Watchtower 1 March 2008, reverse side

The back wall of the room where Jesus celebrates the Lord's Supper with his disciples is full of demon frats. The most striking demon skull is on the right. But also the niche in the wall, where the oil lamp is located, can be recognized as a demon's mouth torn open, if one recognizes nose and eyes above the niche.

Skull of dead

When the Jehovah's Witnesses indulge in their Anti-Cenacle again on March 22nd after sunset, they will, without knowing it, again reject Jesus millions of times and allow bread and wine to pass by. This is one of the most beautiful feasts of Satan. Because there he is worshipped and his success is rewarded. In order to distribute this worship of Satan from the few Masonic leaders to more people, demons are published in the Watchtower scriptures in preparation. Thus the great multitude can be prepared for the horrible sight of untruth. Satan's goal is the open deification of his person.

Open mouth

The lamp niche represents the mouth of a face. At the top the eyes are nice to see.

Jesus as God has already been abolished in the Watchtower Society. Now only Satan has to be installed as the highest. The demons that can be found again and again in the Watchtower magazines serve as preparation for this.

Negative face

These representations speak a clear language. They deny everything we know about Jesus. So, for example, the people in this depiction are lying in front of a completely filthy wall. And this in the Orient, where you only find white walls. This wall actually looks like smeared with faeces. In the left third of the wall you can see, among other things, a very negative looking face. Let this wall have an effect on you. Change the viewing angle and the distance. It is unbelievable what mockeries the Watchtower draughtsmen have accommodated in it.

Bread and wine under demons

Here again the presentation without hints. Recognize the dirt that the Watchtower Society pours over biblical scenes! Realize that these greasers call themselves Christians. Anyone who publishes something like this can only have one goal: The annihilation of Jesus.


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