Nun with Demon

Question by Daniel S. dated 08 January 2009: "Do the older, simpler drawings from the 1960s and 1970s Watchtower publications also contain demons? These should then be easier to recognize. If not – how did Satan identify himself in the publications of that time?


Also in older publications of the Watchtower Society there are images of demons embedded in pictures. From a video by Walter Veith I know that the evidence of these demons in Watchtower publications points back to very early vintages. One would actually have to assume that the technique of subliminal images of demons would continue to improve over the years. But one realizes that this insidious psychoterror has apparently always remained the same. The viewer's impression is exactly the same, the demon's perceptibility/non perceptibility is exactly the same as before. Apparently this thing is independent of the printing technique. The effect of evil is independent of human technology.

As an example we see here a picture from "Erwachet", which bears the application date 8 July 1985 and the number 13. On page 21 a nun is depicted who must have converted from the Catholic lie to the Watchtower lie.

Nun with Demon

On the left side of the old lady's head, which was first deceived by the Pope and then by the faithful and circumspect slave from Brooklyn, one sees the head of a being with the corners of her mouth pulled down and her mouth half-open. This is the look of someone who has realized that everything is now lost and there is no hope at all.

All Lost Demon

Here we see that the faithful and intelligent slave is totally indifferent to how many people recognize these phenomena. For those who have once entered into the false teachings of the Jehovahists are neither so nor otherwise shaken in their erroneous belief. The Watchtower Society has developed psychic methods that permanently keep the captivity of the spiritually blind at a certain minimum. So she is sure that the demons portrayed do not limit the number of members.

Rather, there is a current development that should make us all listen attentively: The Watchtower Society has decided to publish from January 2008 a different propaganda for the common man of the world than for the internal diminished spirit, whose perception has long been under the rule of the faithful and intelligent slave. This is where the actual cautionary strategy of the Watchtower Society takes place, aimed at maximizing psychoterror for the internal and minimizing it for the external.

From this context we must conclude that the concern of the Brooklyn seducers does not so much concern the demons in the Watchtower publications, but rather the "care" of those who are already in the clutches of this Antichrist. In return they rather double the effort of propaganda and address their works of art according to their different objectives.

It remains to be hoped that the indifference and superficiality of people will be diminished by the initiative of individuals, and that as a result many will begin to think responsibly in order not to listen to people in the search for truth, but to God Himself, who revealed Himself to us in Jesus Christ.


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