AWAKE! Directly applied Spiritism

Jehovah is the God of the Freiaurer and Freemasons openly admit that the God they worship is Lucifer. Frontally, the magazine ERWACHET! warns against spiritualism, but applies it immediately! (AWAKE! July 2008, title page)

The ever brighter light that the Watchtower Society receives is a further indication of Lucifer, who, according to the meaning of his name, is the light bearer. The satanic Anti Last Supper * of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which normally rejects bread and wine, reflects the Luciferian origin of the Watchtower religion. Demonic faces can be seen in almost every script of the Watchtower publishing house, and no human name is a sign of their authorship. The Watchtower scriptures are the only anonymous writings and are distributed worldwide by the Jehovah's Witnesses, who forbid contact with Jesus.

The Watchtower Society was founded by the Freemason Charles T. Russell and from the beginning had the goal of forming a religion that eliminated and ridiculed Jesus as God. See also: Jesus as sorcerer's apprentice.

Millions of deceived people all over the world are travelling from house to house in order to work their way to eternal life in an earthly paradise by spreading satanic writings. They are rarely aware that the writings they pass on depict hidden demons, prescribe anti-Christian behavior, and that the religion propagated in these writings is based on human power.

A Jehovah's Witness hardly ever has the opportunity to acknowledge Jesus as his Lord, even if he has seen through the nonsense of the Jehovah religion. This is the clearest reference to spiritualism directly applied in the Watchtower Society.

* When a Christian act of worship is imitated and turned upside down, like the upturned cross, it is the worship of Satan. Any Jehovah's Witness who considers the rejection of bread and wine right is a Satan worshipper, whether he knows it or not. Jehovah's Witnesses are generally instructed to reject bread and wine.

The Ideal Man in Community with Demons

Jehovah's Witnesses have a vision to be perfect people. In the magazine ERWACHET! July 2008, page 3, this vision is already becoming reality.

The sofa cushion, which stands out for no reason, has hidden demon faces. In this way, Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be accustomed to the presence of Satan and his servants. They permanently learn to remain true to their brainwashed convictions and to completely eliminate their own perception.

Demons matching the theme (here: The sense of taste)

Watchtower scriptures basically make fun of God and people. This is the style of Satan. Often demons matching the theme are depicted. The steam rises from the coffee cup in the form of a horned animal.

(AWAKE! July 2008, page 26)

If you turn the picture around, you see a face on the hand of the coffee drinker that spits something out and expresses nausea. The piety of the Watchtower Society is only a facade. The Watchtower religion was created solely to separate people from God. The Watchtower Society is thoroughly anti-Christian.

And always the malicious control in the background

An albino in sermon service! He points to the Bible as if he had found the phone number!

(AWAKE! July 2008, page 29)

Jehovah's Witnesses are always presented with a strange background check. Here it is a face laughing at the albino with its tongue outstretched. Jehovah's Witnesses are never alone like this. They are controlled at every turn – and laughed at.

Freemason Charles T. Russell in the background

Charles Taze Russell, Freemason and speculator of the Pyramid Theory, is emblazoned in the background of the Watchtower Jesus.

(Flyer for the celebration of the death of Christ 2013)

If one enlarges the picture section, one recognizes a skull in the top hat of the founder of the Watchtower Society. Coincidence? No, the author of the anti-Christian Jehovah religion likes to leave his signature here and there.

Watchtower Jesus without blood again

The Watchtower Society shows a bloodless zombie that is said to have been staked as a sacrificial animal. Even more bloodless depictions of Jesus on the page:

The Bloodless Watchtower Jesus

(Back of the flyer for the celebration of the death of Christ 2013)

On the back of the flyer for the celebration of the death of Christ in 2013 they still write that the blood of Christ cleanses from all sin, but again they present the Watchtower Jesus as bloodless chosen. The blood of Watchtower Jesus does not exist. This fact is emphasized annually by the Jehovah's Witnesses as they let the wine pass as something strange at their Anti-Cenacle supper.

When necromancers, Marian worshippers, esothericists, lightworkers, new agers, humanists, freemasons, self-proclaimed prophets, and other magicians speak, they seduce other people in a seemingly innocent way because they themselves believe in their spirituality. The Watchtower slave of higher rank does not have this position of the misguided, as the devilishly sly images of Watchtower literature show. The higher Watchtower functionary reveals through the devilish embeddings in the Watchtower scriptures that he consciously and deliberately wants to seduce to the anti-Christian cult.


In the picture below right beside Russell I also recognize Captain Janeway from "StarTrek Voyager".

Or is it just me?

Jacky [October 09, 2020]

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