Demons in the Watchtower May 2020

Also here again the funny face repetition grimaces and a meaningful child corpse

When it comes to showing broadcasters how to successfully lie to people, the Watchtower Society is breaking one world record after another. It paints a picture of itself as a devout godly devotee, but its satanic makeup is unsurpassable. Some people are surprised that the media, especially the radio stations, have no other goal than to deceive people into introducing what is considered a Watchtower ideology. This is the communism of the New World Order.

Absolute arbitrariness is the centre of the Watchtower religion and is in no way inferior to communism in this respect. Those in power don't care who dies of this doctrine or not. More important to them is the amusement of having told the disciples of the respective doctrine everything in advance, down to the last detail. The ideologues feast their eyes on how willingly millions of people fall for their lies, even though they have openly revealed their real roots. Okay, one should have taken a closer look. But the references to satanic roots often surpass all that is bearable. One lies so clumsy that actually everybody has to see it! But the seduced are too stupid to recognize the simplest lies.

Left-wing fascism has long since found its way into the radio stations and works very well according to the model of the Watchtower Society. The impression suggests itself that the Watchtower Society has been working as a research laboratory for politics for decades. It is worthwhile for the planners of the New World Order to have researched exactly to which limit the lie can be applied. The Watchtower Society has taken its experiments to the limits of civil war-like situations. But a revolution with loss of power has never happened. This wonderful result is now being applied in politics following the example of the Watchtower Laboratory. The German do-gooder is as brainwashed and obedient to authority as Jehovah's Witness. And the women are once again the worst, the most nailed down and the most unteachable. Women shoot the rich, men lead them "only" to meaningful work.

The only interest of Satan

The devil, if he exists, is only interested in destroying man. It is not a question of the Masonic phrase "human family," but of the individual human being. The individual must be destroyed before God and taken away from the only way of reconciliation. Piety and do-goodness are the favourite methods of leading people to their inner crushing. Physical death is not decisive, but the dying of man from within. Ideal and good intentions are the means to an end. It is of course allowed to serve even the most terrible egoisms of man. The main thing is that the Muslim is the religious master man in himself. The main thing is that the globalist feels comfortable in his front garden, protected by a moat and barbed wire. The main thing is that the communist continues to collect his money from others. The main thing is that the Jehovah's Witness is as elitist as the Muslim and can publicly display his paper halo.

But the fact that there are a lot of demonic powers in this holy appearance is ignored by Jehovah's Witness and the rest of the do-gooders. This is where the ideal tolerance can be applied concretely, and the communist system is screwing itself into the minds and hearts of people. Left-wing fascists "activists" may again use violence without consequences up to the insidious murder. Is the goodness of a human being capable of such infamous acts? Only if it is initiated by the devil and self-deception is the basis. Today's political development is brimming with self-deception, and in the broadcasting corporations sit those who meticulously carry out their mission.

The Watchtower experiment of maximum deception is, for all its pious world mastery, the only publicly available self-exposure. In no other institution is the open fraud so clearly visible as in the Watchtower Doctrine. Broadcasting companies, Deep State, Mrs. Merkel, the late revenge of the GDR, the UN with its dictated mixture of races are always subject to a certain blur, which prevents an unmasking despite obvious inhumanities. The whole system of the New World Order is unassailable for the individual. Only the Watchtower doctrine can be disproved by every attentive human being in cold blood and convicted of lying.

But just the bang effect that even something as easy to see through as the Watchtower Society still attracts enough stupid people, this attraction of heresy forms the necessary proof and the scientific experiment that marks the New World Order as feasible. From this point of view, the foresighted descriptions of George Orwell are almost no longer to be regarded as a fantastic idea of an individual, but the probability is high that this person was put on the trail by Masonic circles.

The Chancellor's destructive behaviour can be explained just as badly. Only the ideological dependence of this person makes her actions plausible. Her communist imprint in the first three decades of her existence cannot simply be thought away or assumed to be non-existent. This woman continues her perishable trade until she has secured herself a firm place in the history books alongside Stalin.


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