Colourfully illustrated Demons as salt in the soup

The Watchtower publications are always colourfully illustrated and often the reader or observer of these essentially highly boring booklets asks himself what the purpose of all these pictures is. Can people be guided into a certain decision by looking at these pictures? Once upon a time, there was a Watchtower booklet that reported about an enthusiastic tractor driver who had just come to Jehovah's Witnesses through these beautiful colorful pictures.

The general reaction of Jehovah's Witnesses to the evidence of demonic infiltration of their Watchtower images is usually such that they claim that this effect is evident everywhere. This leads to the question: Is the accumulation of images in the publications of the faithful and circumspect slave intended to accommodate a certain (assumed) degree of normality of demonization? And a second question arises: Could genuine Christian literature even bring only one or two such demonic images with the same number of images?

The range of demonization techniques extends from blatantly obvious to almost invisible in the Watchtower. Without the many illustrations such a booklet must be quite boring, because Jehovah doesn't pull anyone from his stool, because he doesn't look more interesting than the old threatening god of the Catholics. The always raised index finger with the minimal comforting touch of usefulness has to blunt the spirit in the years of being a witness until one can ride it as far as Rome.

There the witness needs one or the other, which tears him – even if unconsciously – from the coma. What other people perceive as well-being when they read a book voluntarily and without coercion must seem modified to the Jehovah's Witnesses as a half-open experience of demonization, so that they do not have to surrender to their slave reading when they "enjoy" it. So the likelihood is quite high that all these little hidden demon images will have a deliberate psychological effect that will make Jehovah's Witnesses slip their dry food of mind over the years.

Virgin gets child

The Watchtower – 1 October 2008, page 4

There's something in all of us that triggers terror that's deeply rooted. One reacts sensitively to something like this, the other rather pleasantly stimulated, others not at all. Just as some cannot avert the gaze from a broken leg or a spider and others only feel a half (un)pleasant shiver running down their backs, so the Watchtower Demons at least stimulate the fatefully dependent readers to rudimentary residual feelings so that they do not have to perceive their own spiritual death too much.

It looks over the shoulder of the fashionably styled woman with the plucked eyebrows of a small animal with striking eyebrows that betray a bit of annoyance. The nose holds it with the left paw, because it seems to stink something to him. It must probably be this damned Son of God whom Satan hates so much. This bitch, who has finally defeated the sin of the world and only gives away his victory to the people by a small honest yes, this lump of earth that has become something stinks Satan.

Anyone who has ever felt deep disgust for something or a person can feel that the little animal on the shoulder signals something specific with its facial expression and its gesture of holding its nose shut. It is a fundamental hate against this Jesus Christ, who so thoroughly crossed Satan's bill on Golgotha.

The superficial observer of the Watchtower booklets will see this animal as a cape or blanket. Anyone who does not know Jehovah's hatred of this Jesus has no reason to recognize anything in this figure. One touches the pictures with one's gaze and concentrates with high priority on the good behaviour towards the overseers in the congregation. No wrong word, no thought of one's own may be given to discern, so that one is not confronted with the usual difficulties. One has already experienced several times how a quiet shiver went over one's back when the assembly punished a renegade with contempt and ignorance.

That's why all the Watchtower demons can't really get the Jehovah's Witnesses to protest, because the main thing is to avert the punishment of the Jehovah's people. The Jehovah's Witnesses never seriously look at or even examine the images. When we rotate the Watchtower in question, we get another impression from this idyllic illustration.

The virgin will bear a son

One recognizes several devil-faces in this cape-animal, if one turns the picture. Only Jehovah's Witnesses cannot recognize them. Or they think they are normal. They are two or three grimaces, of which the one on the outside right, with its mouth open, expresses all the hatred and horror of Satan disarmed by Jesus.

In a well hidden way, the Watchtower publications give their victims a certain entertainment value. If one has to live in a religious doctrine that puts one's own failure first as the threat potential of the alleged God Jehovah, at least one still has the pleasure of getting into an unrecognized, undefined flurry when one looks at the works of the faithful and intelligent slave.

Praise be to the Lord Jesus, who does not play such a double game with us and makes our salvation dependent not on our performance, but on himself and the unconditional promise that the sincere Yes to Him will give us irrevocably into His hand. A religion with the hidden subtleties of the Watchtower Society can never have anything to do with Jesus.

Jesus embodies in everything the exact opposite of such spiritual subjugation.


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