Demons as hidden imprints

The Watchtower specialists are true artists when it comes to accommodating demons in their "Christian literature. The border to the purely coincidental occurrence of these small "cute" figures must be striven for, but under no circumstances must it be crossed. This means that it should always look like chance to the superficial observer, but be recognizable and characteristic to the Watchtower scholar. So when the great client turns his eye to the works of the Watchtower Society, it should become clear to whom it really serves. For the pious exterior painting of the Watchtower religion is unbearable to him. Fortunately, he is little secretly behind the name Jehovah. And so that this is not an absurd fiction, but can be checked by everyone, the booklets and books of this religious publishing house must be clearly enough marked with demons.

As an imprint makes the author recognizable, so Satan signs his WT work with the representation of small demonic images. Behind this is the interest of everyone to be recognized. Whether humans or other beings, even Jesus sets great store by being asked to intervene so that his work cannot be attributed to someone else. Just as Satan forbids contact with Jesus in the WTS doctrine and wants to be recognizable as the doer of this society, so Jesus does not intervene in any life if the person does not ask him to do so. Without personal contact Jesus does nothing. Otherwise the blessed person would not even know where the blessing comes from and would surely fall into even greater error.

In "Awake January 2009" we see on page 9 a woman drinking water.

Water-drinking woman

It is a beautiful but unnecessary decoration of the corresponding article, in which the faithful and sensible slave praises the water of truth. It is the Water of Truth as developed by the Watchtower Society. That Jesus alone can give the water of life and truth has never been known or believed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Who could suspect one or more demons in this beautiful representation? They are people who are concerned with the task given to us all in 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22:

But check everything and keep the good. Avoid evil in every form.

In the following detailed pictures of this picture you can see some demons. The first demon looks relatively random:

Water demon

When you shoot "Awake January 2009", you suddenly see another entity that contains several nested demons.

More Demon from the Watchtower Water

The Watchtower manufacturers' ability to hide demons in their works is admirable. Just as admirable is their ability to capture the Jehovah's Witnesses. I personally suspect not only behind these two capabilities of the Watchtower Society is "support" Satan. For a Jehovah's Witness who finds Jesus is not only a rarity – a rarity – but in my eyes a real miracle.


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