Borderline Minidemons Watchtower Literature

The demon burden of Watchtower literature not only holds certain highlights that elicit an "Oh" or an "Ah" from the viewer, but the broad demonization of Jehovah's Witnesses by minimal allusions makes the actual demon music. The goal of the faithful and understanding slave is not the open confrontation with demons, but he wants to give his victims a permanent mental access, which he keeps permanently open by demon images, which are almost not recognizable.

Young people's questions – practical answers, BAND 2, page 263
How can I have fun

The Governing Body of the Watchtower Society wants to be modern and open-minded. In detail, however, it reveals the use of the techniques of the ancient snake.

Questions from young people

They are often only very small potato-shaped creatures, which are put on hairstyles or hidden under blowing hair. The normal Jehovah's Witness does not perceive these demon hints and the one who wants to become one does not inhale this subliminal information unconsciously. Perhaps that is why the Jehovah's Witnesses are strictly forbidden to smoke, so that the psychic stress when viewing the WTS scriptures is not conspicuous by the presence of shortness of breath. Because psychological stress increases the oxygen need of the body.

Questions from young people von Jehova responded

And again the young male Jehovah's Witness carries the demon between his legs. This permanent and varied hint of male tail control alone shows that there is someone behind the Watchtower society who makes fun of people in the long run. He is the one who likes to call people clumps of earth.

Contrary to the desires and longings of the sensation-seeking demon seekers, the depiction of the WTS style cannot and must not only describe the "big bang", but also in detail the range and the real technique that leads to the spiritual subjugation of the Jehovah's Witnesses. It is not the openly recognizable heart-eating cult of a voodoo priest, but the decidedly puzzled out and kept in a stable balance method to make people spiritually submissive and to keep them submissive.

Jehovah's Witness is required to submit the writings to the Society at regular intervals. In the controlled continuous irrigation of the Jehovah's Witnesses lies the corrupting demon power. The inhumane fears of Jehovah's Witnesses of the demon world and of leaving the protection of the Watchtower Society confirm the actual effect of this permanent demon confrontation. The predominance of the demonic sprinkling by the "light version" makes the proof difficult and has long enough protected the Watchtower Society from its exposure. – However, in order to provide this proof, it is necessary in the long term to also show the lightweights of the demons, i.e. the limit values.

Why should I live by the Bible?

Young people's questions – practical answers, BAND 2, page 282
Questions from young people von Jehova responded

Three Jehovah's Witnesses are sitting together during the break. From the background two ugly beings look out and watch the scene. The "educational" effect is again the old slave control by demonic beings. Those who get to know Jehovah's Witnesses personally will find that they feel observed always and everywhere. The brothers of the Governing Body don't really seem to want to rely solely on the voluntary loyalty of the "large crowd". They prefer to rely on demonic powers. This is highly reprehensible even when viewed from an atheistic point of view. But from a Christian point of view, which certainly affirms the existence of demons, there is a "religious" situation that is crystal clear bound to Satan and his kingdom.

Asaph mission statement

Young people's questions – practical answers, BAND 2, page 287
Questions from young people von Jehova responded

Can demon faces be interpreted into the beard of the Asaph?

Questions from young people von Jehova responded

Excursus: Self-Portrayal of the Watchtower Society

Young people's questions – practical answers, BAND 2, page 288
Watchtower Self-Portrayal

At first glance, the reader can see what the Watchtower Society wants to say. But reality speaks a different language. On the left we see the religion and life model of the Jehovah's Witnesses, on the right we see the effect that occurs when a person turns to Jesus and allows his dominion over his life. On the left we see the typical "good standing before Jehovah" that every witness has to endure, on the right we see the man who is brought to right by Jesus. A man must only say to Jesus with an honest heart: "Be my Lord. Then the safety belt is on forever!

The Watchtower Society also does not guide its people to live by the Bible, because otherwise Jehovah's Witnesses would sooner or later have to find Jesus. Rather, the Watchtower Society gives its people their very own rules, which it only flimsily justifies with biblical statements. But in reality the Bible itself proves that it is raped by the Watchtower Society.

One example is the conscientious objection and the alternative conscientious objection of Jehovah's Witnesses. People who did not bow to this Watchtower regulation were unceremoniously disfellowshipped. Yet the first pagan Christians were people who had their income exclusively from the military. The landlord was a Roman high-ranking soldier to whom Peter came and saw that they received the Holy Spirit. The first Gentile Christian was a military! And he kept his profession! It is not mentioned that Peter had told him that he must now retire from his military profession after his conversion to Jesus (Acts 10). Such examples clearly show that the rule of the Watchtower Society over Jehovah's Witnesses is an unbiblical arbitrary rule. It is even antibiblical!

End of excursion

How can I defend my faith?

Young people's questions – practical answers, BAND 2, page 297
Watchtower Smart Alec

Here the Watchtower Society makes it clear to the young person that with the help of the Watchtower Society he can impress every smart aleck. Because he has the Oberschlauberger Watchtower Society behind him! And how he has it in his back!

Jehovah's Life Aid

In contrast to the left trouser leg the right one is covered with hollow-eyed beings and with a beautiful Satans-S. This is the true background of the Jehovah religion, which pulls out all the stops to influence youth. It is a shame that this wolf in sheep's clothing, the WTS, is given such leeway. People all over the world are spoiled by it.

When reviewing the book "Fragen junger leute – praktische answorten, BAND 2", which Ninjo from Austria sent me, I skipped many even more borderline demon representations. I do not recommend reading this book to anyone.


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