Lots of skulls and demonic figures in the Watchtower

The Praying Watchtower Jesus

Watchtower 01 January 2015, pages 14, 15 – sent by Anle

How many almost unconscious shocks does a person need until he is so insecure and places himself on the street with the watchtower? The Watchtower Society can no longer use its demonic shock therapy so openly. But the intensity of the allusions has lost nothing of its satanic effect. The aim of the Watchtower images is to ridicule belief in God.

This picture was kindly sent to me by Anle. It depicts the praying Watchtower Jesus. The figures inserted by the Watchtower draughtsmen speak a clear language of contempt and ridicule. For example, we see an old untouched man in a bad mood with his sunglasses up. This could be the Jehovah "God", to whom the prayer of the Watchtower Jesus passes by his buttocks.

In the back of the praying watchtower-Jesus there is a rather bloated observer, a kind of alien with a bulbous nose. My interpretation is this: It is the Freemason who, completely free of all emotion, takes note of the ridiculousness of the Watchtower Jesus. Faith in God is to be destroyed.

At the right edge we see a frightened rodent with a torn open mouth. A representation of the fear-based technique of the Watchtower religion. Then we suddenly see the center of this picture, a Halloween mask with a stone in its mouth. With this the faithful and sensible slave expresses that the prayer of this Watchtower Jesus does not have the slightest chance. The old, not amused man with his sunglasses up has not the slightest reason to react, because the prayer of the Watchtower Jesus is only a fake, a bad copy, a deception of the faithful and intelligent slave.

At the top left of the picture there is a demon with a cat-like head or a Halloween doll sleeping on the right, depending on the first impression.

There is a scolding figure in the back of the praying Watchtower Jesus. This face is a typical representative of the Watchtower art of depicting two faces in one face. Depending on the first impression one can see this or that face. Both scold extensively.

Further up to the right, the praying Watchtower Jesus has a skull in his back that looks contemptuous or pitiful. It could also be the head of an alien or a werewolf.

Above the left foot we see a skull, which actually brings out a certain facial expression. The gesture of this skull revolves around the idiotic hopelessness to pray to a Jehovah God because this God does not and cannot exist. The strategy of the faithful and understanding slave is that Jehovah's Witnesses who discover this fact then also refrain from trying to make contact with the Jesus of the Bible. Those who have gone through the ridicule of the banal world of the Watchtower will, in the rarest cases, seek and get to know the Jesus of the Bible.

The Sacrificing Watchtower Abel

Watchtower 01 August 2002, page 28

When Anle sent me the picture above, I remembered a picture that was striking because of its demonic figures that immediately caught my eye. I would like to add this picture here to show that the skull demon technique of the Watchtower makers is not a coincidence, but a Masonic Satanic scam to prevent people from believing in Jesus. A Watchtower theology is offered and peppered with all that is Satanic. The art of the Watchtower Society is to combine biblical content with the Lucifer worshipped by the Mason.

Click on the thumbnail. You then have the option to click again in the middle of the image with the plus sign. The image will be resized to its original size and you can view the details at your leisure.

There is, among other things, a woman demon to be seen with long hair and very negative facial expression. Underneath there is a clearly visible head, which is sucked in from the left and deforms itself. This is the symbol of the Jehovah's Witness, who is pulled to a certain side and inevitably experiences a deformation of his brain.

Then we continue with the bare elevation of the victim Abel. One sees a pig's skull. This symbolizes the contempt of the Bible. Because the sacrifice of Abel with a pork side dish is the most beautiful mockery that the Freemason can think up.

On the left side of the picture we see a birdlike skull.

A fleeting glimpse in passing

Jehovah's Witnesses like to leave the open literature lying around in their homes, so that a potential visitor can see their great diligence and watchtower fidelity at first glance. Jehovah's Witnesses thus boast of their study diligence and hope to gain recognition in this way.

The effect of this habit of Jehovah's Witnesses is that one unconsciously absorbs the subliminal symbols as one passes by. All children of Jehovah's Witnesses are exposed to this permanent manipulation, and even adults are constantly exposed to this diabolical influence. Look at the photos of the sacrificing Watchtower Abel. Feel how Jehovah's Witnesses are being manipulated!


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