Horror Beings of Jehovah's Witnesses

Again and again objections and advice come from alleged non-witness Jehovah's, one should leave this "ridiculous mud battle" and neglect the demons in the Watchtower publications. The theological argument is much more helpful.

But there is no royal way to reach the Jehovah's Witnesses with arguments, for they are trapped in their faith in the Watchtower. The faithful and understanding slave keeps his paying clientele in check. Brooklyn is the best and most successful spiritual jailer in the world.

Therefore on these pages the presentation of the Watchtower demons is maintained hopefully in the long run. The material still to be viewed is boundless and new material is added every two weeks. Therefore I am urgently looking for sponsors who will enable me to work full time on this site.

And yes, I will continue to publish "borderline" horror creatures from Brooklyn publications. The point is not to portray the Watchtower Society as a ghost train, but to show the true face of the faithful and intelligent slave in the mass of demonic attacks and in the range of their appearance.

Watchtower Control Mother

Questions from young people – practical answers, BAND 2, page 174
Watchtower Control Mother

The Watchtower publishing house is small and fine with mini demons. Brooklyn pulls out all the stops as a decent prison director should.

Questions from young people – practical answers

What am I supposed to do when my parents argue?

Questions from young people – practical answers, BAND 2, page 199
Watchtower parents argue

In the boy with my favourite hairstyle, you can already see the left slit-eye and the nostrils of his hairstyle demon in the non-enlarged version of the picture. Something of a baboon. The question as to why the faithful and understanding slave pumps his believers with such things should one day be directed from above to the Watchtower Society. The sect does not react to normal people.

When my parents split up

Questions from young people – practical answers, BAND 2, page 207
Watchtower Parents Divorce

Yeah, it's just a coincidence, of course. If the printing ink doesn't do what it's supposed to do. Jehovah's Witnesses have plenty of excuses. But they also like to say that they have the best printing presses in the world.

And what looks at us all the time from the girl's hair tips? Two dark eyes.

Limit Evidence of Watchtower Demonny

People keep asking me not to publish the demon representations from the Jehovah's books, others ask me to show only the sensationally well recognizable ones, a very funny person asked me to show only the most clearly hidden demons. I cannot and will not fulfill all these demands and special wishes. Rather, I will continue to publish these things as they come to me. For it is not a matter of creating a kind of ghost train or a museum, but of showing and documenting the seductive and manipulative machinations of the Watchtower society in their entirety.

Personal information

Again and again, among the commentators, people appear who immediately "burst into tears" when confronted with the truth, and accuse me of malice, unchristian behavior and such things many more. They behave like a toddler running to their mother and complaining wildly that their uncle only gave them one sweet. Sometimes they come on the educational tour, sometimes tearfully "beaten and hurt", then again in wild anger and holy condemnation. In the future, I will not give these commentators the space that I have given so far.

The girl behind the glass pane

With borderline demons it is always about the two observing eyes and in connection with that very often about the skull. Look at this picture and count the skulls. And if you ever come across a foggy window pane, try to recreate the effects that look so wonderfully normal here!

Questions from young people – practical answers, BAND 2, page 217
Boundless! Smallest particles as demonic allusions

Boundless! Smallest particles as demonic allusions

Take your time to look at the upper picture again. Please be aware that these figures appear abundantly in the millions of publications of the Watchtower Society. They affect the subconscious of the viewer. The grin skull in the middle of the picture/right edge is probably the best demon to be recognized in this picture.

Boundless! Smallest particles as demonic allusions

The little animal in the lower left corner is also interesting! If one assumes that all these phenomena (with whatever technique) are consciously created by the creators of these publications, a deep abyss of bad motivation opens up, which the Watchtower Society has to call its own. In connection with the demon evidence presented on these pages, which cannot be dismissed as accidental, the demon images, which cannot be so clearly emphasized, form a concert of devilish malice.


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