Family Happiness à la Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses are treated like infants by the Watchtower Society. There are images of celestial bodies in the scriptures of the Canal of God that have a face like the loving sun in children's images.

The secret of family happiness, page 83
Jehovah's Demons of Family Happiness

How naive does the Watchtower Society think you people are? It does so with caution, for it is declaredly in search of those who are of good will. In other words, she is looking for people who do not question anything, who do not have their own opinion about anything and who willingly swallow all contradictions and inconsistencies.

Jehovah's Demons of Family Happiness

The Watchtower Demon Engineers even integrate their demons into such a tidy, clear photo. The one at the bottom of the picture will be too pale for many, but the hairstyle demons will come to light quite clearly.

Protecting the family from perishable influences

Yeah, that's a fitting headline. Just as the Watchtower Society says true things about the Antichrist, but distracts the suspicion from itself at all costs, so it plays with the Jehovah's Witnesses its demon game and then brings this crisp headline: Protecting the family from perishable influences! Wow!

In this case, the demons look funny through the door. How can someone who scolds God's channel bring such trash to the people?

The secret of family happiness, page 91
Jehovah's Demons of Family Happiness

It's hard to imagine that something like that is in the sense of the Bible. The Watchtower Society can indeed be recognized by its works (machinations).

Do not give up breeding

Above the window is an unusual "decoration" and behind the young man, who works so kindly with his single mother, there is a green face in the window. If you look closely, you can see an edge that reveals that this green face was subsequently planted in the painting.

The secret of family happiness, page 109
Jehovah's Demons of Family Happiness

Also the young man seems to have the rogue in his neck! And there is something strange in the temple area.

Jehovah's Demons of Family Happiness

The range of demonic variations of the WTS is very rich. The Watchtower Society practices disgraceful slovenliness and demonic manipulation on its people. It seems to have a very long breath. What is exciting is whether Jesus/God really exists. If so, then the Watchtower Society is a spawn of Satan.

Jehovah's Witnesses! Please be clear about what you really distribute to the people!


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