Bible study is important for the family

What could be more beautiful than the regular Bible study in the family to gain a good standing before Jehovah? To understand the deep things of Jehovah, this is very necessary. And to understand these deep things of Jehovah (Revelation 2:24), Jehovah's Witnesses must do two things: Jehovah's Witnesses must surrender to the Watchtower Society and Jehovah's Witnesses must be regularly influenced by the Watchtower demons.

The secret of family happiness, page 69
The regular Bible study is important for the family

Often the mass books and magazines of the Watchtower Society remain open on the table or the chair or the sofa. Every glance that touches these works of art fills the fleeting observer with demonic impressions without him consciously perceiving them. And especially in the Bible study in the family, the demons from Watchtower, Erwachet & Co jump at the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The regular Bible study is important for the family

The family idyll is deceptive. Most Jehovah's Witnesses are or were honest seekers. In Watchtower Study (the WTS calls it Bible study), these brave seekers are pumped full of the subconscious Satanic information of the Brooklyn Governing Body.

Jehovah's Witness! Keep reading!

The evidence that your mother, WTS, is the channel of Satan, and that Jehovah cannot be God, is increasing. For many, many years to come, Watchtower material will be ready to be used to present this evidence. And new material is added every 2 weeks.

The Watchtower Society houses its demons everywhere. You don't see them or hardly see them, and when you do, you repress them and don't think about it any more. The effect of these demons has not been proven.

Demon on the head

But there are several indications that this demon influence of Jehovah's Witnesses by the Watchtower Society is working. Jehovah's Witnesses are very common:

  • psychically dependent on the WTS
  • inability to think own thoughts
  • deeply frightened if they do not regularly meet the WTS requirements
  • unable to ever find Jesus
  • even in life-threatening decisions of the WTS, in bondage
  • blind to obvious lies of WTS
  • immune against clear arguments
  • exploited for life by WTS
  • moral and legally bound to the WTS
  • burdened with demonic phenomena ...

... and much more. This life situation of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which should probably be called a death situation, testifies to the fact that the inner emptiness of these people is a product of the Watchtower ideology. This Watchtower ideology, measured by Christian and biblical standards, is a cleverly engineered cult of Jesus annihilation. Just as the emergence of Islam had only one specific goal, namely to remove Jesus as God, so the Watchtower Society has been acting for 130 years with the aim of destroying Jesus. And it is successful! The hearts of Jehovah's Witnesses are blunt and hard on the Bible and on the words of Jesus. They read the Bible only selectively, as the faithful and understanding slave from Brooklyn dictates.

It is also noticeable that the word spiritual is searched in vain in the watchtower scripts. They always speak of spiritual and thus suggest that one can work one's way up to God through Watchtower knowledge. This makes Jehovah's Witnesses pure hard workers who cannot believe, but must exercise faith. They are faith providers, dependent lifelong on actively adapting their minds to the WTS.

However, the Bible knows faith in God only as a spiritual characteristic of man. Nowhere does it mention that one receives spiritual knowledge through human knowledge – i.e. spiritual activity. On the contrary! It makes it clear again and again that the human spirit cannot perceive God. Only the inner devotion of man to Jesus makes possible the spiritual process that lets us experience Jesus. This is the beginning of faith. According to the Bible, this beginning is the work of Jesus, which we may gratefully accept. For the Bible says that Jesus is the Beginner and Perfector of faith.

If one now contrasts this spiritual gift with the spiritual effort of the Jehovah's Witness, an abysmal and pre-programmed disappointment becomes apparent. Not only in Now and Here does the Jehovah's Witness not recognize anything of God, but in the presence of the Lord he will have and have to endure the deepest disappointment of a life forfeited for the WTS! – How important it is that we try to share this with Jehovah's Witnesses. But at least we should try to show, prove, denounce and expose this magical power to the Watchtower Society! It is highly unbiblical and inhuman.

Show the children love and appreciation

One family idyll chases the other in the watchtower scriptures. Under the generic term "Show children love and appreciation" (The Mystery of Family Happiness, page 70) one sees an older gentleman who, like a seducer, takes a young man to his breast.

Show the children love and appreciation

As a neutral observer of such a scene one can get the impression that the father is proposing something indecent to the son. At least the demon in the background seems to share this impression.

Family man as seducer

The Brooklyn consulting firm, which massively uses images of demons for its success, exchanges love for artificial friendliness. In order to conceal this in-house inability to love, the Watchtower slave likes to use the word "appreciation" in his writings. The successive replacement of love by esteem is intended to convince Jehovah's Witnesses that one can also "love" without feeling love. This is how Jesus is to be valued, this is the recommendation of the WTS headquarters in America. Because it knows exactly that no one of Jehovah's Witnesses can love Jesus. And neither should they. This would mean a quick downfall for the Watchtower Society if it recommended to its people to love Jesus.

In WTS's family policy, however, love is not so easily reduced to appreciation. Because every mother automatically brings her mother's love with her. This is why the word love still sometimes appears in the Watchtower scriptures within the family. But already the question whether one rather lets the child die or whether one does not permit nevertheless rather a Blood Transfusion, fixes the Jehovas Witness parents on a cognitive cooling of their love, from which the consequence of the appreciation only still to be exercised arises. Exactly on this mental level of the watchtower-specific sorting of emotions, the feeling of Jehovah's Witnesses towards Jesus, who died for them after all, is reduced to an appreciation that can only just be practiced at will. Love and thanks are no longer in it. And even if they were there, they could not say to Jesus: I love you and I thank you, because they are not allowed to communicate with Jesus in prayer.

The Watchtower Brotherhood replaces real feelings in several million people with lowered mechanistic exercise techniques. Faith becomes the practice of faith, love becomes appreciation, gratitude ... oh, it simply falls away. – Jehovah's Witness is loyal to the Mother (WTS) and the art god Jehovah. Loyalty, the quality that remains after the loss of love as a remnant to be practiced, is the vehicle that the slave demands of his subjects.

More than loyalty, a Jehovah's Witness can't muster either towards the artificial deity of Charles T. Russell. For this deity does not manifest itself through miracles or other special experiences such as inner and outer healing, but only through the expressions of will of the worldwide Watchtower Brotherhood and its demonically infested programming books. The Jehovah's hope of Jehovah's Witnesses is nothing other than the fanaticism found in all worldly associations. The only difference is that the Watchtower Headquarters in Brooklyn rules 100 percent over this loyalty and consistently punishes any deviation. Other brotherhoods have not been able to maintain this control so consistently and permanently. With the exception of the Masons.

The emotional core of Jehovah's Witness is transformed into a human mummy through the manipulation techniques of the Watchtower Society interspersed with demony-without one's own will, without decision-making power, without conscience. Conscience is replaced by the rigid thought of the Governing Body and makes Jehovah's Witnesses puppets. Obedience has no place in the deserted bodies of the great crowd, for they do not need it. They are controlled and hung by the thread of loyalty.


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