The recurring Witness Jehovah's Witness Male Demon

The Watchtower Society is not interested in attracting any attention. But it wants to repeat Satan's signature again and again in its writings. For the author of Jehovah's theology wants to be celebrated as the one who has been able to seduce people with imaginary thoughts for centuries, even though the absurdity of these thoughts is easily recognizable to anyone who is not seduced. For this reason, the writings of the Watchtower Society repeatedly contain clear signs that enlighten the reader, who takes a closer look, that Satan himself must be the author of these writings.

A favorite motif of the Watchtower Society is the tail control of men, which their God rightly accepts. In order to show people his contempt, the Watchtower Society must bring this motif into its pictures again and again. Sometimes a little clearer (Link), sometimes unclear (Link). In the book "WHAT IS THE BIBLE Teaching really?" on page 3 the Watchtower Society shows a man standing behind his wife's wheelchair.

WHAT TEACHES THE BIBLE really?, page 3
Is that what God wanted? (Or: Should God have said ...?)

People are portrayed who experience the malice of the world from the media. What could be more natural in this situation than to quickly side with the Jehovah's Witnesses to take comfort in their wisdom?

Old man in need

But if you take a closer look at the poor old man, you can see that the Watchtower Society has once again drawn its typical demon in his pants. It is the recurring trouser-house demon with which Satan likes to express his hatred for people.

Trouser sty demon

This gives the Watchtower Society real pleasure in portraying people in all sorts of situations and attaching attributes to them that express nothing but Satan's hatred. God loves men and does not tempt them. Satan, on the other hand, hates men. He wants to verify the old saying of God: They have eyes, but they see nothing. Satan does this in a very primitive way with the images in the Watchtower literature. While Jehovah's Witnesses claim that Satan wants to disprove God and deny him his rights with a question of dispute, Satan's intention is really "only" the verification of divine truths to the detriment of man. With these attempts by Satan to convict people of their stupidity, Satan naturally pursues only one great goal: He wants to distract from Jesus Christ and the grace of God that takes place in Jesus. The controversial question of Witness Jehovah's theology interpreted into the Bible is only a distraction maneuver of Satan from the true gospel. Here Satan has bundled his accusations against the people in a sophisticated theology and even manages that many people follow this Satan gospel.

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