Child abusers in the Jehovah's Witness children's book

After we have visited the pages sex-sells-watchtower.html and sex-demon-from-jehovahs-witness-pants.html the preference of the faithful and intelligent slave for sexual allusions, now comes the next stage of blasphemy and the next stage of blasphemy through sexual scenes in the Watchtower literature. We are still talking about the Children's book "Learn from the great teacher", now on page 19.

  Fishing scene on page 19

Here you can see a fishing scene with a fisherman emptying a fishing net, i.e. he is moving the catch of the day into a basket next to it.

This all seems quite idyllic, but the fishing scene finds no connection with the text in this book on this page. All details in this collection of Mediterranean sceneries are pure accessories, pure fantasy, pure ornament and without any reference to the text there. Apart from the odd-looking crowned one, whoever he may be, everything radiates a rural idyll that is supposed to transport the reading child into another world. It is the artificial world of faithful and intelligent slaves into which the children of Jehovah's Witnesses are mentally abducted. The circumstances and realities of this (allegedly biblical) world can bind the faithful and wise slave to his own nose without any obligation to truth and according to his own arbitrariness.

Anyone who has not yet seen the sexual representations of the faithful and intelligent slave on the above-mentioned pages will certainly turn away disgusted when interpreting the ominous fishing net. This is the meaning that the faithful and intelligent slave pursues by using clearly recognizable representations of evil and fantasy-stimulating representations of evil: Those who do not see the easily recognizable allusions will certainly not be able to see the harsh hints of the satanic organization and will even turn away by shaking their heads when they see them. Therefore I hesitated for a long time to publish the following.

The fishing net symbolizes a child molester!

  Child abusers in the Jehovah's Witness children's book

While I am still writing these lines down, I myself doubt the plausibility of the meaning of this representation. But let us remember that Christian literature would never need, firstly, to use unnecessary illustrations, secondly, to give demon faces to fishing nets, and thirdly, to give arms to the net by means of fish hanging on the outside of the net, which fit the blasphemous interpretation! With the upper well visible "fish" the child molester demon holds the head of the other demon. This smaller demon in turn holds with the lower well visible "fish" the leg of the big demon. I assume that all people immediately understand and recognize the corresponding sexual position.

As already mentioned elsewhere, the faithful and intelligent slave serves all gradations of blasphemy, whether they are depicted in pictures or come in the form of abstruse assertions. In this case we are dealing with a weakened pictorial suggestion. This weakening is understandable because of the social ostracism of child abuse. If, however, we remember the insolence that is already documented in the above-mentioned pages, the context of child abuse becomes obvious in this case. It is not for nothing that this thing comes across as it does. The fishing net does not have a face with a "very pleased" facial expression for nothing. All this already has its meaning, wanted and to be answered for by the faithful and intelligent slaves.

And even though these things are not received with full consciousness by the Jehovah's Witnesses and especially by the children of the Jehovah's Witnesses and penetrate their consciousness, they still fulfill their purpose. The psyche of those affected will be cornered throughout their lives and made available to the faithful and intelligent blasphemer. The result is the changed perception of Jehovah's Witnesses: every thing and event (in the artificial world of Jehovah's Witnesses) is full of danger and can only be controlled by the power of the slave (Governing Body). This is the strategy of the artificially accumulated feelings of guilt, for which the effective medicine is immediately available when the price is paid.

And then one must let the joke melt on one's tongue that German courts would not allow ex-witness Jehovah's ex-witnesses to be witnesses because they would most likely testify against the Watchtower Society!! The only experts who had to get to know the psychoterror of the Faithful and Intelligent Slaves are not allowed to participate in the decision making process whether the Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to play church or not and whether the Jehovah's Witnesses destroy Jehovah's families or not!

Anyone who can then deny himself the curse of such a legal system can rightly claim that he is self-controlled.

Read how the Watchtower Society praises the book (Erwachet, July 2007, back cover) – please click!


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