Symbols in the book: Learn from the Great Teacher

Learn from the great teacher, page 13: Satans-S is used consistently. The child looks at the pictures and will later no longer perceive these treacherous signs, because it has become dulled by habituation. The Satans-S is also usually nicely arranged centrally.

Satan's S:
Satans-S on page 13

Page 14: Here we go with the scaremongering. While the Bible even tells of a somewhat comfortable situation on the Mount of Olives – Peter wants to build huts so that he can stay there longer, the Watchtower Society already outlines in its children's book the great fear situation that always seems to be connected with God's intervention.

Original, as the child sees it in the religious children's book.
The figure in the foreground is remarkable. The beard signals that it is a man. However, he has pronounced breasts.
Fear on the Mount of Olives

Also here again different beings are present as "animation" of the scenery. On the upper right the silhouette of a profile catches the viewer's eye. On the right in the middle there is a strange face from the house Frankenstein.

Highlighting of a figure reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster:

Frankenstein's Monster on Mount Olivet

Above this, the child's eye unconsciously recognizes a strange spirit, which turns away from the scenery.

Spirit on the Mount of Olives

From the pictures that the Jehovah's Witnesses "are supposed to make happy" one quickly recognizes that the Watchtower Society is pushing the cost of creating them to the extreme. The accumulation of subliminal embeddings and satanic allusions and the strikingly high quality of the pictures force the neutral observer to conclude: The Watchtower Society manipulates its "clientele" most directly and sustainably via the track of subliminal representations. And it is precisely in the writings that children are forced to take with them that the mail in this regard is really out.

The horned man controls the situation.

The horned

And the horned one watches over everything. – The audacity of the Watchtower Society is lonely peak. Fear and permanent observation by demons and spirits are instilled in the children as early as possible every day. The life poison is administered regularly in effective doses, so that later the mental metastases of the faithful and intelligent slaves are active for a lifetime.

It is bitter that the state unknowingly supports this poisoning by granting corporate rights to these human abusers.

It would be better if the state would hire staff to clarify the connections and thus make possible the clarification of this satanic sect in the long term. The accelerated continuation of this website would be an important part of the work. The long-term report of the Watchtower Demons, the theological treatment of the heresies and the presentation of the psychological damages of the Jehovah's Witnesses are the factors that must be dealt with in the long term and presented publicly. This may include scientific support from appropriate experts.

It would also be important to have a team of translators who would translate the information into many languages so that not only the German-speaking world would benefit from the Enlightenment on Jehovah's Witnesses.

However, all these measures may only be implemented if there is sufficient initial suspicion. However, this initial suspicion has long been fulfilled. The documents of the Watchtower Society itself provide proof that the objectives of the Watchtower Society are anti-Christian and human-destructive.

To cover the Watchtower Society only with public malice strikes right at the center of the sermon of the faithful and intelligent slave. Then Jehovah's Witnesses feel persecuted and another cheap copy of Christian life is made.

Pathological Change of Essence of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society produces mentally reduced soldiers to fight for Jehovah's goals. A salient feature of such Watchtower soldiers is their consistent willingness to always all apply legal options immediately against other humans. They are willing to commit perjury (Theocratic War List), they sue anything and everyone who is suspected of getting away with it.

There is a Jehovah's Witness in Munich, for example, who wants a journalist to be banned from publishing an e-mail that Jehovah's Witness wrote himself and in which this Jehovah's Witness claims to be a Jehovah's Witness again.

This Jehovah's Witness has long pretended to be a Christian on and has lied to more than 30 people from the direct and indirect environment of this website in such a long term and hair-raising way that the neutral observer must inevitably come to the conclusion that some pathological change must have occurred in this person.

And it's actually understandable. What should a man who is already eager by his nature do when his demonic slave driver has uprooted him psychologically and gutted him, taken away all his healthy inhibitions, pumped him full of demonic and anti-Christian teachings for decades? It is obvious that a person who has been turned by the psycho-wolf according to the rules of the Watchtower Society can no longer really be master of himself. He staggers through the world like a dreamer or a drunkard and attacks anyone who resists him. Even the reasonable decision to stop the hopeless fight at some point is completely missing.

Jesus says, "Behold, I send you as sheep among wolves. Therefore be wise like snakes, and without falsehood like pigeons. " He says at no point: Lie that the rind cracks!" The Theocratic War List the Watchtower Doctrine and the demonic enforcement of all Watchtower Scriptures will, among other things, break the neck of the faithful and intelligent slave.

Freedom of religion is not freedom for lies!

Decomposition of the family by Jehovah's Witnesses

Please show me a single Jehovah's Witness who knowingly and with clear knowledge of the demonic enforcement of the book "Learn from the Great Teacher" presents this book to the children for reading! The seduction of the Watchtower Society is so perfect that parents do not know what they are doing to their children. Whoever gives his children such a demonic education will most certainly destroy his own family and just as often make his own child incapable of starting a family. Jehovah's Witness has no knowledge of the destructive effects of the Watchtower Doctrine. The exposures of the Watchtower Society, which can be found at, prove in many ways that the claim is correct: "Jehovah's Witnesses destroy families". Because who destroys people, destroys family, state and community with!

Judicial measures

If Jehovah's Witnesses like to sue me for allegedly claiming that Jehovah's Witnesses destroy families, I would like to point out that the statement in my texts (if you want to read this page carefully) is: Jehovah's Witnesses will be lastingly harmed and spellbound by the Watchtower Society. This often leads them to destroy their own families and the lives of their children. In the event that Jehovah's Witnesses sue me, I am already naming Witnesses for any hearing on this subject: it is my ex-girlfriend, her sister, and her mother. I also name the two girlfriends of my girlfriend's sister as witnesses. These two women, like my girlfriend's sister, are not married until today and are known in their hometown as the "Trinity", because they always stay among themselves and are not seen with anyone else. If the Jehovah's Witnesses sue me, I already refer to the Jehovah's Witnesses' worldwide practice of excluding critical members. The way Jehovah's Witnesses exclude critical members is more reminiscent of Masonic lodge practice of making vows of destruction come true than of Christian church discipline. The way in which Jehovah's Witnesses exclude apostates is one of the most intense forms of family destruction. Also, in the event that the Jehovah's Witnesses sue me, I refer to the "Awake" articles that appear again and again in the "Guide" that are dedicated to only one subject: How best to separate myself from one who does not pay close attention to the providences of the faithful and circumspect slave. Here the children are indoctrinated from an early age to subject their human relations strictly to the guidelines of the Watchtower Society. If Jehovah's Witnesses like to sue me, I hereby announce that I will not fulfill any conditions. Neither the withdrawal of these lines, nor the fulfillment of any cease-and-desist declaration will I take upon myself. If the Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to sue me, they must realize now that I am prepared to lose everything, because I will not participate in their dance for dogmatism. Because this is not about any kind of trial of strength, but about the way, the truth and the life. There is already much evidence against the Watchtower Society, many more to come.

Also take a look at the sexual suggestions of WTS!


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