Jehovah's propagandistic abuse of the Watchtower children

Child abuse among Jehovah's Witnesses is as much or less sexual as it is among the rest of the population, but affects the whole person and his entire life, which is determined early on by Watchtower manipulation. By manipulating the little ones as early as possible, the Watchtower Society gains power over these people's thinking and never lets them go even when they are excluded from the Jehovah's religious community. By all means available to the Watchtower Society, it creeps into people's brains and hearts to exercise life-long power over these people.

In order to integrate this abuse of children seamlessly into their organization, the Watchtower Society publishes children's literature, some of whose illustrations are heavily peppered with inserted demons and sexual deviance (pedophilia), without adults and children being able or willing to see through this seduction technique.

Examples for these hidden hints in the pictures

Learn from the great teacherJesus no more than a storytellerSymbols in the book: Learn from the great teacherChild Abuser DemonChild control demons

The effect and uptake of Watchtower Jehovah seduction techniques and the expectations associated with them are described in detail by the Watchtower Society in the Watchtower, August 15, 2004, on page 32.

Watchtower 15 August 2004, page 32

Five-year-old Alexis "understood that you have to apply what you learn about Jehovah". Furthermore, the faithful and understanding slave tells in the advertising text for the Watchtower Children's Book »My Book of Biblical Stories»: "Although Alexis couldn't read yet, he knew about the stories very well, because the pictures had impressed themselves on him well".

The central message in which this Jehovah's advertising text culminates is this:

So both young people and adults can bring their lives into harmony with Jehovah's demands and then take on the honorable task of witnessing among nations about 'the saints' ...

Jesus teaches exactly the opposite, namely that alone he fulfilled the requirements of God and only those who entrust themselves completely to him in faith fulfill this fulfilment of the requirements of God through him, Jesus. It is not Christian to fulfill any requirements of a Jehovah, but Christian to accept the gift of Jesus. The attempt to fulfill the requirements of any God is deep paganism and absolutely anti-Christian precisely when this teaching to fulfill the requirements of Jehovah is also called Christian.

The Watchtower Society incorporates a religionistic expectation of demands into people to prevent them from realizing that Jesus has already fulfilled all the demands for us. It seduces people from an early age not to rely on Jesus, but on their own fulfillment of the demands of a certain Jehovah, whose representative, of course, is the Watchtower Society. The faithful and understanding slave then also sensibly focused these requirements of his Jehovah God on the Jehovah ministry, because only this Jehovah ministry serves to bring as much seduction literature as possible to the people.

Because the pictures were well memorized!

The seduction to anti-Christianity in children who cannot read yet runs along the track of subliminal images in the literature of the Watchtower Society with woven-in demon fringes and allusions to child abuse and many other anti-Christian messages. The older Jehovah's Witnesses are also under the demonic strain of the Watchtower images. They are subject to the good old recognition effect and feel intuitively connected to their satanic slave with these illustrations. They do not realize that their organization is actually subject to the adversary of God, which the Watchtower Society confirms by calling him the saint and then demonstratively placing him in quotation marks: ... "take on the honorable task of witnessing among the nations through 'the saint'". This "saint" is in truth the unholy one who poses as the true God in the religion of the Watchtower Society. If this 'saint' were not Satan, the quotation marks would be meaningless.

The proof from the hands of the Watchtower Society

The Watchtower Society itself provides proof of the view presented here by giving the five-year-old boy Alexis the trouser stable demon in the usual Watchtower manner. Even a five-year-old child of a Jehovah's Witness interested person is burdened with the religiously disguised sexual dependence desired by Satan and sullied with the dirt of child abuse. His sex area is dominated by a broadly grinning Kasperle demon who calls out to Jehovah's Witnesses: "Hello, Jehovah's Witnesses! Jehovah is not God! Jehovah can only be Satan! You let yourselves be lied to the going-no-more-only because you belong to an anti-Christian organization! " This label keeps placing the growing society in its pictures, so that in the end not a single Jehovah's Witness can say he could not recognize the deception.

The sympathetic five-year-old has a demon worked into his trousers, as one can see in many pictures of the Watchtower Society as an alert person. People who fall into the trap of the Watchtower Society will not only be embarrassed in the judgment of God, but they will also be exposed to ridicule and embarrassment in advance. This violence, which emanates from the Watchtower Society, does not stop at children, but feeds itself on how trust in a false God leads to destruction! From the point of view of the conscious lie of the Watchtower Society (bringing his life without Jesus into harmony with the demands of a Jehovah and witnessing to the 'saint'), the recognition of the Watchtower religious community as a public corporation is extremely questionable. For not only the formal evaluation must be considered, but also the intention. Those who think and act anti-Christian must not call themselves Christian and find recognition under the label of a church.


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