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Storyteller Jesus

The Watchtower Society is meticulous in ensuring that the lie is not too obvious. If Jesus' qualities are to be denied, this does not happen openly. It is enough if Jesus is shown to people again and again only from a certain point of view. That is the trick of the Watchtower Society. It shows the Jesus approved by it again and again only with the qualities that seem appropriate to the honourable society and do not contradict its heresies.

One of the "watchtower-allowed" characteristics of Jesus is the telling of stories. And if this peculiarity is also paired with child friendliness, then it goes down well with the people. The main thing is that they are deceived that Jesus is far more than a storyteller! Very carefully and cautiously the Watchtower Society narrows people's view of Jesus and directs them to relatively unimportant trivialities. This gives the impression that Jesus is being honored. But in reality one deprives him of the really important function he performs. He is robbed of his divinity and presented as a funny, friendly prophet.

Technology of Watchtower Propaganda

The anti-Christian elements are carefully incorporated into the drawings and pictures in the books and notebooks of Jehovah's Witnesses. The signal effect of the symbols and grimaces must never exceed a certain level. It is better to keep them so harmless that they are overlooked. And especially in a children's book, the little ones who are not yet indoctrinated should not be too worried.

It is on the dress of the girl who speaks directly to Jesus, a face that is relatively easy to recognize and has enough frightening things about it.


If we take a closer look at the picture, the face changes and a snake's head appears.

Jehovah's Witness Snakehead

A kind of slime seems to pour out of the snake's mouth.


Is this supposed to indicate that the snake personally corrupts the children? Would the Faithful and Intelligent Slave like to send a signal again that he is acting on behalf of Satan? If Satan does something, it should look quite pious, but he does not bear it if it remains without the marking of his authorship. For the devil, the loss of his seduced is unbearable if this accident is due to the fact that his works have "accidentally" led to the truth. That is why his imitation of what God makes benefit people in Jesus Christ must always have some kind of signature. Here we find his signature in the form of a snake.


There are many such details that are remarkable. Many of them are not sensational enough to be made public. But the children who look at such pictures also carry a certain impression through such "harmless" appearances like the grime mask shown above. They are manipulated and when you consider that in their lives they get to know nothing better than "the literature" of Jehovah's Witnesses, you realize that really every little thing in this manipulation is effective.

I myself became a Christian by my own decision and for me every bond to earthly organizations has become impossible because of the bond to Jesus. Neither fanatical nor moderate parties or institutions can manipulate me or cast a spell over me as long as I do not give up my attachment to Jesus. The organization of Jehovah's Witnesses professionally creates a bond to an earthly organization. Why the Watchtower Society uses satanic symbols of all things to build this bond is something I, as a Christian, have a clear opinion on, which other people will certainly not share with me.

What is certain, however, is that the ways and means of the Watchtower Society are not suited to allowing children to grow up healthy. The amount of circumstantial evidence and evidence should now be sufficient to withdraw all state recognitions as churches and not give Jehovah's Witnesses a chance to gain state-supported power in social life.


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