Watchtower Woman Embraces Halloween Ghost

The Watchtower Society not only recruits adults for the purpose of fulfilling its killing wishes through the planned bleeding murder, it also manipulates people from the very beginning. For all children of this world, the Jehovah's Witness Hemorrhage Murder Organization publishes writings that are cute to look at and very flattering to devout people. The normal Jehovah's Witness is happy about the beautiful colors and the beautiful looking people who radiate so much satisfaction and joy. You really should take something like this with you for your children, because it can't get any more pious and rustic religious.

On the title page of the Watchtower Brochure "Our Little Bible Study" we see two Muslims on the right and in the middle a modern small family which, according to Watchtower criteria, represents a nonplus ultra without any flaws. Of course there are no Jehovah's Witnesses shown in the brochure. They are pure fiction and are only meant to pave the way for the sweet little ones to take in the Watchtower brochure without reservation.

Our little Bible lesson, Brochure of the Watchtower Society for the Manipulation of Children

A short time after Jehovah's Witnesses and their little children have happily leafed through this brochure, it lands on some shelf. Often the magazines lie loosely stacked on some tables. They are often left open so that visitors can quickly get the impression that they are constantly reading these fonts. Thus loose collections and stacks of these fonts form and partially cover each other. This partial coverage leads to strange results, one of which will be presented here.

In the left picture the booklet "Our Little Bible Study" has been partially covered and immediately the woman depicted appears as if she would embrace a Halloween spirit. Even if you look at the booklet without the cover, this Halloween spirit embrace unconsciously burrows into the mind of the observer. Why does the Watchtower Society turn the left shoulder of that strange Viking into a Halloween spirit? From what evil source does the Watchtower Society take the energy and motivation to integrate such demonic nuances into its writings? Where does this incredible balance between piety and devilish worship of Satan come from? This exact balance of piety and Satan worship is found throughout the writings of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses achieve that all the world believes they are worshipers of God. But th1ey are also actual Jehovah Satan worshipers by the appearance of their scriptures.

The conspicuous feature of this illustration is the assumed span of the man who appears barbaric. In order to perfectly accommodate the embroidered Halloween face on his left shoulder, the Watchtower draughtsman had to put up with the man's left span being greatly extended. If we look at the picture in consideration of the normal human body symmetry, we immediately notice that the man is built crooked. His left half of the body must be a few kilos heavier or his head has been sawn off and put back on far too far to the right. This recognizable asymmetry betrays the Watchtower draughtsman. He absolutely wanted to emphasize this face-shoulder without the viewer getting suspicious.

Inner Watchtower Embrace between Man and Demon

Jehovah's Witnesses are recognizable by many signs as the servants of the false prophet. The most important criterion, however, are the works of the Watchtower Society. It collects capital only for itself and has been murdering for many decades by bleeding many thousands of people to death because of a misinterpretation of the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses are from below and actually call themselves from-below-comments. According to their own statements they are there to kill one third of mankind spiritually. They also do this with images that can install demonic bonds in the unprejudiced observer. The Watchtower Organization is an organization of death. It commits murder on a spiritual level, on a spiritual level and with its bleeding strategy also on a physical level.

Abraham as a slightly handicapped Muslim

In WACHTTURM 15. AUGUST 2001 on page 29 we see an Abraham who looks more like a slightly handicapped Muslim. If this watchtower lies open on the table, so that you can see it from above, the strange eye area becomes the face of a lunatic.

Not for nothing one has the feeling, Abraham would squint in the original representation. Only when he stands on his head do his eyes become a pair of eyes that do not give anyone the feeling of squinting. This is a measure of the probability of which of the two faces is really important to the Watchtower creators.

Abraham Demon

The skill of the Watchtower artists is to mock the Bible with words and images and to appear highly pious. The most beautiful mockery of the Bible in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses is the bleeding murder, which is led to a deadly result under the strictest control of hospital liaison committees. Hospital Liaison Committees are institutions of the Watchtower Society that meticulously ensure that a willing but bleeding Jehovah's Witness never accepts a blood transfusion.

Has Jesus ever insisted that any human being had to die because of a religious rule? No! Jesus taught and practiced exactly the opposite. Jesus broke the Sabbath in public to heal people. Jehovah's Witnesses are thoroughly anti-Christian.


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