Jehovah's Witnesses in Dealing with Child Sexual Abuse

by Tanja

Little girls are tricked very early on, especially in their personal "book study", into the consequences of a girl being "desecrated" and this desecration coming to light. For this purpose the story of Dina and her brothers is dealt with in great detail and again and again, Genesis 30:21; 34:1, 3, 5, 13, 26; 46:15. A young child cannot understand these Bible texts, therefore in "book study" an experienced "sister" makes it clear to the child how this text is to be understood.

Dina was raped by a man, then her brothers avenged her and brought great shame on God's people and many people had to die for this reason. What does a little child learn from this? I think that a small child can only conclude from this that it is better never to admit that you have been raped, because otherwise you bring shame upon yourself and Jehovah's Witnesses and it can even happen that many people die. So much for preparation.

What happens if a child nevertheless reveals himself to his parents, despite the danger of shame on Jehovah's Witnesses and the death of many people?

If the parents are "faithful Jehovah's Witnesses," you will turn to the "elders" with these accusations. Then the child will be brought before a "Legal Committee". This "Legal Committee" consists of three "elders" (mostly older men). There the child must describe before these "elders" in every detail and very precisely how the incident occurred, every detail must reveal the child there, the victim has no assistance, no, it is alone with these three "elders" in a room. Then the victim must name two eyewitnesses. (Eyewitnesses for sexual abuse hardly ever exist! If, then they would be accomplices!)

If the child cannot name two witnesses, the defendant will also be questioned by a "legal committee".

If the perpetrator confesses sexual abuse and repents, he is rebuked by the "elders" and everything is all right again in the eyes of WTS, for Jehovah has forgiven the sinner in the eyes of WTS. This means that the victim also has to forgive the perpetrator in this case, and thus considers the "matter" done.

If the perpetrator confesses and shows no remorse, then the community is taken away from him.

If the perpetrator denies the sexual abuse, the victim of a sexual abuse will be rebuked by the "elders" in another " Legal Committee", and if it does not accept this " rebuke", it will lead to community deprivation if the victim is already "baptized" or has been announced as "official preacher".

Child abuse will not be reported under any circumstances! This procedure is justified by the following Bible text: 1.Tim. 5:19 and 1.Corinthians 6:1-7.

How can a religious community in Germany that behaves as mentioned above sue for the title "public corporation" in court?

When WTS is clearly breaking the law?

BGB § 1631:

(1) The care of persons shall include in particular the duty and right to care for, educate, supervise and determine the residence of the child.

(2) Children have a right to a non-violent upbringing. Physical punishment, mental injuries and other degrading measures are inadmissible.

(3) The family court shall, upon request, assist the parents in the exercise of personal care in appropriate cases.

Is this "Legal Committee" measure not highly degrading for a child who has just experienced sexual abuse?

Where do we live?


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