Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 286

Watchtower Society Manipulates Google

Corrupt employees of Google sabotage the search engine

The Watchtower Society keeps its feet still in Bruchsal and Speyer

For at least half a year, Google's hit lists have been manipulated again as far as the search words "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Witnesses of Jehovah" are concerned. The absolute blockade of was the reason to ask Google to check these most important search terms. Unfortunately, Google's reaction has only had a temporary effect again and again, as the suppression of the website immediately resumed.

Whether the fraudsters of the Watchtower in Bruchsal and Speyer have therefore preferred to stay at home today remains to be seen. In any case, the Watchtower Society is currently keeping its feet still in Bruchsal and Speyer.

Several faxes and feedbacks I sent to Google describe the problem and the corrupt or the corrupt employees at Google become more cautious. On the street, Jehovah's Witnesses are invisible. It appears that the Watchtower Society is trying to smooth the waves in order to continue its illegal attacks on the Google search engine.

Google is still responding!

On Wednesday I sent a feedback to Google and once again complained that the was completely blocked under the search terms "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Jehovah's Witnesses". I added the question: "Do you work with the Watchtower Society?" The next morning, was listed at number 4 – as it has been all these years – and I thought that finally the manipulation of Google's hit lists was over. But after I clicked on the link and started a new search on Google, the was no longer to be found.

Then I sent another feedback to Google and described the process and expressed the suspicion that Google might have been foisted with a script that activated the blocking of in the search words "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Jehovah's Witnesses" on the first click on the correct hit list.

In the evening the could be found somewhere in the sixties pages, a short time later even further back in the nineties. This is the state I described years ago on At that time the was downgraded daily by a constant number. At that time it took about 6 faxes until Google had the problem under control or the manipulating, corrupt employee at Google stopped his data manipulation until further notice.

Sometime in 2016, the Watchtower Society resumed its Google censorship activities. Since November 2016, I've been trying to make it clear to Google that their databases are being manipulated by one or more Watchtower-corrupted employees. The current status is worrying, as Google can't get a handle on the sabotage problem. How much intelligence is there in the globally active Google group? Could it be that this mega apparatus can be abused by Hinz and Kunz? How high is the quality of Google's search engine if religions of lies can interfere in Google's ongoing operations without being caught? The potential for abuse of this global Internet company does not seem to be very low. If Google can't even ensure IT security and data consistency, who can? Is the potentiation of the lie press in the Internet sector, especially in search engines, pre-programmed by Google's negligence?

Two globally active corporations embarrass themselves

Google is confronted with many problems of a political, religious and legal nature. So it's quite understandable that such a large company doesn't take the complaints of a private website operator so seriously. If, however, the references to internal sabotage acts on Google become increasingly dense, such a Moloch company as Google should also react light-footedly and not sluggishly. Instead, Google reacts exactly like the Watchtower Society: there is no feedback and no communication. Everything remains secret and the complainant can starve to death on his outstretched arm.

This is embarrassing, especially since the complaints about the Watchtower Society's Google manipulations are more in favour of Google's interests than anything else! So it would be a good idea to write a short e-mail: Thank you for your comments. We will quickly follow up the tips! Instead, there will only be silence. And the change of the situation lasts only a few hours.

How much trust does a search engine that can be manipulated by others and does not even notice or want to notice that it is at the mercy of certain circles earn? What is the use of a search engine that has a worldwide information monopoly and does not even have control over its own operations? Doesn't an externally controlled colossus become a hand puppet when it is manipulated and abused?

The Lies Group Watchtower Company gives itself the nakedness

The Watchtower Society openly admits with its criminal activities that it lies and leads people to ruin. It is more important for them to prevent as many people as possible from learning the facts about the Jehovah religion at the approaching end of their world careers, and to lie quickly. The Watchtower Society is a religious community that must defend its "truth" by secret service means and criminal machinations. There are no moral concerns in the Watchtower religion and information is suppressed with diligence and imagination. What has established itself in the political, legal and journalistic everyday life in Germany as a lie press is a matter of course for the Watchtower Society. With Jehovah's Witnesses, everything but truth and honesty counts. The Watchtower Society pays employees to Google so that is not or only very difficult to find among the most important search terms ("Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Jehovah's Witnesses").

How deep the Watchtower Society is to be located depends on its pragmatic power behavior. The confrontation with a Christian does not cause the Watchtower Society to defend its theses, but without hesitation it likes to use the means of oppression. It does not do this out of comfort or superficiality, but because it has no other means at its disposal. All the Watchtower Society's claims to truth have been refuted. The Watchtower Society has been exposed as an anti-Christian global player. What could be more obvious than the suppression of this exposure? The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses still wants to have its vehicles and planes and its real estate capital at its disposal in ten years' time! All the wealth built on lies cannot be given up because of a critical website! You have to bait one or more Google employees with a lot of money to make sure that the is not found anymore.

By manipulating the Google databases, the Watchtower Society admits that the simple facts about the Jehovah's religion of lies can only be stopped by illegal means. The Watchtower religion goes down the drain and confirms its dilemma through illegal behavior.

How can you practically help?

If you have entered "Jehovah's Witnesses" on Google and does not appear on the first page as it used to, you can click "give feedback" at the bottom of the page and ask with kind words briefly why appears either not at all or strongly suppressed under the search terms "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Witnesses of Jehovah". The more people do this, the greater the chance that Google will AWAKE and the Watchtower Society will be prevented from doing so illegally. You can give this feedback to Google several times a week.


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