Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 342

Jehovah's Witnesses: Perfect Strategy

The superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses is perfect

When Jehovah gets angry, he sends more of his Witnesses to the people to spy on them. He needs many more blood sacrifices. And the Watchtower Society is his serial murder organization. Jehovah's thirst for blood rises sharply when his organization is criticized. And when she is called a serial murder organization, Jehovah gets headaches and foam at the mouth because she is actually a serial murder organization.

Why is the Watchtower Society the only serial murder organization in the world?

The organized murder is always related to profit maximization, political objectives and the like. From this point of view, there is no organized serial murder in the world – except in the Watchtower Society. Even the mafia does not murder in series, but only on a case-by-case basis. How can it be that "true" religion, of all things, uses the means of serial murder that is otherwise only peculiar to sick people? The answer is simple. The Watchtower Society is not concerned with profit or political goals, but only with the systematic killing that the devil himself would like to carry out. So far, however, the devil has not found anyone to carry out systematic killing for him except the Watchtower Society. It does it for him and on his behalf.

By applying Jewish dietary laws to human blood, the Watchtower Society simply creates the instrument for serial murder. The bend of the Bible, which knows no human blood regulation in nutritional terms, must be used for Jehovah's recruits to bleed to death in an emergency and have no chance of enjoying the blessings of modern medicine. After all, in many cases blood transfusion can improve the life expectancy of the patient from zero to one hundred.

Surely it is not a question of using foreign blood in every blob, but in an emergency, I repeat: in an emergency, the use of basic medical aids must be allowed. These are now prevented by the Watchtower Society with the help of religious arguments, and many, many Jehovah's Witnesses have been divorced from life far too early for decades because of this.

Why is it murder and not manslaughter or involuntary homicide?

The application of animal blood-related dietary rules to human blood only makes sense and has a plausible motive if there is someone in the faith community concerned who drinks human blood for breakfast or also occasionally likes to in between. However, since there was and is not a single cannibal among Jehovah's Witnesses, the application of animal-blood-related dietary rules to human blood can only have one motive: the murder motive. The draft of this artificial law of cannibalism has only one motif: religious serial murder. Every action has a reason and in the jurisdiction there is no murder without concrete motive. The Watchtower Society therefore only applied the animal blood regulations to human blood for one single reason: to be able to kill people with this doctrine in series. In this world, which is really bad enough already, there is no comparable case. The Watchtower Society is actually the only organization in the world that has decidedly planned to commit serial murder.

Just look at the Jehovah's Witness by bicycle. His grin speaks volumes about his inner attitude, and at the sight of him the question arises automatically and forcefully: How much do Jehovah's Witnesses know about the murder intentions of their spiritual mother? Is the murderous attitude of their governing body really so alien to these people? Doesn't there have to be more than just a dull inkling of the dark intentions of murder?

The fact is, the gloating grin of superiority is growing among Jehovah's recruiters. How else should these people feel? After all, they belong to a religious community that has the unique selling point of organized serial murder worldwide, and that still survives unchallenged today! That makes you proud, doesn't it? That gives self-confidence.

So the recruiters' commands roam the streets of Jehovah and embody the very person they support. It is Satan who needs new blood sacrifices. And because out of a hundred Jehovah's Witnesses, perhaps only one will need an emergency blood transfusion in the course of her life, a hundred new death row candidates must be recruited for the one success row. If you ignore all the lies of the Watchtower doctrine and leave them aside for a moment, then the deathly activity of Jehovah's recruiters alone remains a great inhumanity. But the Watchtower Society's death program goes even further! All their Bible interpretations consistently lead away from a living relationship of faith with Jesus. If there should now be this Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour, the Lamb of God, who bears the sin of the world, the Watchtower Society will also force spiritual death and prevent many from being saved in Jesus Christ. The result is millions of people seeking spiritual death, many of whom are sent to physical death early, often in adolescence.

This is extremely helpful because any bleeding Jehovah's Witness can no longer see that Jesus is the Savior and not this murderous Watchtower Jehovah. Every early murdered Jehovah has lost his life physically and spiritually. This is the real superiority of Jehovah's Witnesses. They are described by the Watchtower Society as the crickets that can cause pain to a third of humanity. Anyone who participates in such a worldwide work can really hold on to something. That makes joy. Joy of death – even often of the death of one's own children.

The spiritual effects of the Watchtower doctrine cannot be dealt with by any public prosecutor. This is a matter between Jesus and the people. The physical consequences of the Watchtower Society for many Watchtower actors, namely the death of many recruited Jehovah's, must be dealt with by any public prosecutor who becomes aware of them. It is an easy to prove serial murder and a prosecution is legally and morally obliged to investigate such a suspicion.

It may of course be that no public prosecutor ever reads these pages, but can in the long run the global legal system refuse to accept the facts that open up here? Even Russia, which has improperly and autocratically banned the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses, refuses to look at the murderous facts systematically celebrated in the Watchtower Society. For these people the principle applies: "That has always been so! Are the legal systems of the world afraid of the embarrassment of not having seen the systematic serial murder of a modern religion? Or do they fear that they will be regarded as long-time supporters of this death orgy society if they come out and fight against it? After all, as in the Watchtower Society, in the legal systems of the world the Masonic cords are tightly tied and knotted. There is no one who does not have to and has not bowed to the (also false) rules of the powerful.

So the general public always only sees these poor self-sacrificing Jehovah's standing on the corner and simply goes on. But the fact that sooner or later someone from the close relatives of Jehovah's Witnesses can be chatted up and dragged across the lawn is ignored by the general public. So it is only ever said succinctly: "They only let themselves bleed to death. That's right. But how quickly do you lose one of your closest relatives to the Jehovah's Witnesses? Ask yourself this question and think about how you deal with it when your relative is in hospital and refuses emergency treatment with foreign blood. Are you then blameless for his death? Didn't you just grin and go on? Wasn't your cheese roll more important to you? Then I would like to go with you to the funeral of your relative and hold the sign up to you, looking into your eyes: Jehovah's Witnesses let bleed to death!

It is unbelievable what this Jehovah is doing to discourage critics and make them as mute and ineffective as possible. In Wiesloch, you always see new Jehovah's Witnesses flown in just when this Jehovah has been heavily exposed once again on these pages. Is Wiesloch more endangered than other cities? Quite. But not by me, but by Jehovah's serial murder society alone.

Don't blame me if one of your nephews has to die at the age of 14 because he was drawn into Jehovah's murder society.


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