Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 154

Watchtower Jehovah is living in Wiesloch

Bloody murder advertising today only in Wiesloch

Jehovah's Witnesses are making it harder and harder for me. The tours have become frustrating, unsuccessful fishing trips. In Bruchsal and Speyer I was able to inform the people about the lies of the Watchtower religion. Now Jehovah's Witnesses have simply disappeared to prevent the exposure of their lies. In Speyer, the disgrace of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2013 / 2014 was already so great that they consistently disappeared there. In Bruchsal, some of the Jehovah's Witnesses still keep their lies, but the fact that they weren't there again today amazes me.

There is a difference between God and religion. Whoever seeks God must first pass the religions. God cannot be found through religions, but if, then at most despite all religions.

If the development with the deserter Jehovah's Witnesses continues like this, then the will withdraw so much juice and marrow from the Watchtower Society over the years that one day the Governing Body looks forward to its elimination like an old potato chip crushed on the carpet. All the arrogance of this special class will be disgraced and even in the last remaining Jehovah's Paradise admirer it will only leave a bad aftertaste.

The traitors to the truth, the slanderers of Jesus that he was not God, the Jehovah's Witnesses were not to be seen today in Bruchsal and Speyer. They did not want to have the skin of their spiritual body removed again. They see themselves as perfect Christian beings, but they cannot protect themselves against the simplest facts. They stand naked in public, then skinned, then transparent. They do not notice it! But apparently this is slowly wearing them out, because they take more and more frequent breaks and are less and less to be found in the pedestrian zone.

Jehovah – the regional power in Wiesloch

Jehovah's Wiesloch pensioner witnesses are the toughest when it comes to brutally and to the last denying the truth. They actually stand still for a quarter of an hour with their notebooks, although people immediately realize that the religious murder of Jehovah's Witnesses is ethically, humanly and factually unacceptable. It even becomes abundantly clear to uninvolved people that Jehovah's Witnesses have nothing, nothing at all, to do with Jesus, and the stubborn Jehovah's Witnesses are still trying to keep their line. One has studied for years and exposed oneself to the arbitrariness of the Watchtower leadership. For years, they embarrassed themselves in service to this Jehovah! You can't just show insight! Never!

A 12-year-old boy approached me in Wiesloch: "What does that mean?" I explained to him the religious perfidy of the Jehovah's Witnesses (bleeding murder) and it turned out at the end of the conversation that this boy was a Christian. Very strange! A young woman smiled as she walked past, then asked me from a distance, and I explained to her loudly and audibly the murder connections of the Jehovah religion. At the end, she asked me which church I was in. This made me realize that she was also a Christian. People all listened, and Jehovah's Witnesses began to fold their notebooks.

The flight reflex of the religious liars and slanderers of Jesus exposes Jehovah's Witnesses. The fact that these people are not even allowed to be photographed, even though they go public as advertisers for a newspaper publisher, says a lot about the lying state of these people. They all do not know Jesus and reject bread and wine at their Christ-death celebration. They have all failed the banal everyday test on the street and regularly have to give way to the simplest facts. All of them have no basis in God, but worship only an ideology that kills people for an invented God. The Masonic counter-religion can only convince a few million people worldwide. People who cannot and do not want to kill others for religious reasons are not reached by this MURDER-ORGANization at all.

Jehovah "God" makes people murderers and murdered!

Jehovah's Witnesses of all classes and levels are people who have either been manipulated into religious blood murder or have even agreed to this cult out of their own evil will. Once a person realizes that the Watchtower Society is acting diametrically opposed to the will of God, and the lives of many people are deliberately and deliberately ended for religious guidelines, he can no longer be a Jehovah's Witness unless he enjoys killing or dying people. The superimposed piety of Jehovah's Witnesses, whom they themselves like to call God devotion, is the cloak under which Jehovah's Witnesses wear their knives. Their devotion to God is synonymous with the term Islam. They are devoted to a God who, under Christian appearance, demands profoundly pagan behavior and turns his devotees into murderers or murder advocates.

When a Jehovah's Witness needs a blood donation to survive and his will to live in hospital awakens again under this impression, i.e. his religiously justified inclination to self-destruction diminishes, Jehovah's Witnesses form a special delegation that influences him and the doctors. Such a hospital liaison committee of Jehovah's Witnesses acts like a firing squad: none of the participants have to accuse themselves of having killed anyone. The hiding of responsibility by the collective appearance intensifies the murderous action of these people and gives them the status of good Nazis, who subsequently were not present and knew nothing about it. The Watchtower publishing house's Jehovah God has thus achieved its goal of turning people into murderers and murdered people.

This delegation of Jehovah's Witnesses, this Watchtower-owned Department for Ending a Human Life, the Hospital Liaison Committee, consciously and well organized, ensures that Jehovah's Witness remains in the rejection of life-saving blood transfusions and that doctors do not intervene. The Watchtower organisation's behaviour has been bad enough so far and it is thanks to the sophistication of the Watchtower producers that they have not yet been brought to justice. But to also justify these religious murders biblically is the ultimate anti-Christian impertinence.

If the Bible was at any point concerned with whether human blood could be taken from human beings, it would have openly spoken about cannibalism. There are no rules on cannibalism in the Bible and this means that the Bible says nothing about rejecting or accepting blood transfusions. Jehovah's Witnesses simply equate drinking and intravenous infusion. They assume that people drink human blood. Jehovah's Witnesses reject this cannibalism. However, this cannibalism does not exist in the world (except perhaps in particularly corrupt satanic circles). Jehovah's Witnesses therefore reject something that does not exist. This is done solely to prevent life-saving measures in the form of blood transfusions. The murder by religiously prevented help is the motive of the Watchtower-Jehova.

Jesus never refused to help people for religious reasons, let alone let people die. Jesus healed on the Sabbath, publicly breaking a religious rule much higher than the Watchtower Society's imaginary ban on drinking human blood. By deliberately breaking the Sabbath rule, Jesus long ago exposed the religious delusion that kills people. Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves the true followers of Jesus and trample Jesus underfoot by ignoring him, misinterpreting the Bible, and letting people die for their religion. Jehovah's Witnesses perceive the action that is exactly the opposite of Jesus as a special piety achievement. This maximum reversal of what Jesus teaches is the goal and purpose of the Watchtower religion.

Meanwhile one can ask oneself the question why so many religions and organizations falsify just this Jesus so cleverly and deceitfully. If Jesus were only connected with an idea, there would probably be no one who attaches importance to falsifying Jesus and his teachings and, if possible, to turning them into their exact opposite. Without the thought that Jesus could live and actually save, it is impossible to explain that so many currents are interested in rendering him ineffective and, for example, in displacing him by a Virgin Mary. If there is an adversary, he knows best whether Jesus is alive or just an idea. The Lucifer God of Freemasons is worshipped as Jehovah, and the vast amount of Jesus' falsifying efforts proves that Jesus is to be put down and falsified at all costs. This alone is enough evidence that it is worth asking Jesus personally who he is. A good scientist does not shy away from self-experimentation.


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