Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 155

Jehovah's Witnesses murder with impunity to this day

In "legal" murders by bleeding to death, the Watchtower Society is unique worldwide

What is the recommendation of the Watchtower Society Governing Body not to study law as a Jehovah's Witness? Would the Watchtower Society like to optimally protect itself from being seen by the judiciary? The fact is that even today the murders by bleeding to death are not sanctioned. The Watchtower Society still goes unpunished with its murder program today. To this day, worldwide jurisprudence is blind and deaf when it comes to taking note of the Watchtower dead as murder victims.

The religious reason for the carefully organized end of life of Jehovah's Witnesses who need a blood transfusion for survival is based on an imaginative misinterpretation of the Bible. At this point no prosecutor in the world will be able to do anything. But the technique used by Jehovah's Witnesses to force a Jehovah's Witness to bleed to death is reason enough to describe the bleeding cases in the Watchtower Society as murder. In the event that a Jehovah's Witness threatens to bleed to death and desperately needs a blood supply to survive, Jehovah's Witnesses form so-called hospital liaison committees, which consistently and thoroughly organized from above ensure that the attitude of the bleeding Jehovah's Witness continues to conform to the deadly guidelines of the Watchtower religion. Thus, when the bleeding person's will to live awakens in the face of imminent death, the Hospital Liaison Committee intervenes and actively manipulates to ensure that the bleeding person dies safely. At the same time, it influences the doctors who treat them in order to prevent one or more of them from taking any kind of initiative. The Watchtower Society's concept of death is carefully thought through and turns the Bible upside down. In Jehovah's Witnesses, the believer becomes the murderer and the murdered.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not intervene manually in the dying person's life, but psychologically they do so all the more effectively. But that's what makes the murder by bleeding to death so evil. Jehovah's Witnesses watch the dying person die in a controlling manner and, as a hospital liaison committee, feel committed to the purpose of preventing the bleeding person from accepting a rescuing blood transfusion. This is not just a failure to provide assistance, it is a legal murder. From the outset, it has been planned to bleed the newly recruited Jehovah's Witness to death in the event of a case. This plan will be carried through to death in the appropriate case and no one in the Watchtower Society will be allowed to think about whether that is right or wrong. As soon as even the slightest thought-provoking impulse occurs, the thinking person is immediately brought back into line or rigorously excluded. This shows how important it is for the Watchtower Society to bring about the death of a bleeding Jehovah's Witness.

Death comes with the Bible in hand

Jehovah's Witnesses love to appear in ties and collars and with the Bible in their hands. In this outfit, educated staff can be easily influenced, because lawyers and doctors also like to be blinded by such things. In well-placed words, which have been blew in over the years, people who have no clue about the wicked murder religion of the Watchtower Society are beautifully persuaded. And Jehovah's Witness, who is bleeding to death, is also in an extremely weak position, because he is facing an upscale panel of self-convinced dazzlers. The bleeding Jehovah's Witness is in a lost position and will have no opportunity to reconsider his decision after his imminent death. He will never be able to think about how he was manipulated into death, and that benefits the Watchtower Society. Every bleeding murder of the Watchtower Society has gone unpunished to this day, also because there was no one left who could legally defend himself or complain.

The disgrace (especially of the German judiciary)

The German legal system is known to interfere with people's lives in a way that is unique in the world. It is general everyday experience that the German legal system remains without comparable example when it comes to torturing people with legal regulations. This goes so far that German judges want to stand up and tell the Jews how to circumcise their sons. But the German legal system does not see the mass religious murder of the Watchtower Society. In the matter of bleeding to death by Jehovah's Witnesses, the German judiciary is burying its head in the sand. The German lawyer has Jehovah's Witness explain the circumstances causing the problem to him instead of obtaining neutral information. So the German lawyer himself falls into the category of Watchtower cheats and deliberately closes the file and has an expensive lunch.

Is decades of blindness aiding and abetting?

If a legal apparatus remains permanently inactive in a matter that is regularly and worldwide associated with people who have died far too early, even though it smells for miles against the wind that someone is arbitrarily ending people's lives here, how do we assess the behaviour of such a legal apparatus? Is that just stupidity? Has a murderer ever been acquitted of stupidity? Or is the German legal system unenforceable or insane? Can the German legal system claim for mitigating circumstances because of uninterrupted disinformation?

The Watchtower Society has been coldly killing bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses by manipulative means for decades, and not a single lawyer of the German nation has pursued this murder program. The Watchtower Society has found a niche in the world to impunity people for death under the guise of a supposedly Christian religion. The German legal system paves the way for the full program of bleeding to death. The Watchtower Society has every reason to thank the German legal system. It is only thanks to the incomprehensible blindness of German law that Jehovah's Witnesses can get through their killing program with impunity in Germany.

There is no other such organization of death

Apart from the Watchtower Society, there is no other organization in the world that turns its own people into murder victims and murderers. The Watchtower Society's merciless manipulation of the death program is seen by the law as an unfortunate suicide number. What every normal person disapproves of, shaking his head for even the slightest ethical motivation, legalizes the law by simply ignoring the bleeding murders. Jehovah's Witnesses are thus people who are fatally abandoned. Jehovah's Witnesses are not to be protected from themselves, they must be protected from the Watchtower Society. The Watchtower Society is a different size than the Jehovah's Witness community. The Watchtower Society is the lead MURDER ORGANization. The Jehovah's Witness community is only the hurdle of the sheep to be murdered. And the murdering sheep are standing on the same pasture among their victims.

The difference between normal people and Jehovah's Witnesses is that the passing person immediately realizes that the Watchtower religion murders in a select anti-Christian way, and the Jehovah's Witnesses stand there and look and stand there and look and stand there and look. In which category is the German legal system to be classified? The German legal system does not seem to understand immediately, nor at second glance, nor at third glance.

What happened in Wiesloch

Jehovah's Witnesses did not arrive until 10:00 a.m. today and willingly accepted the usual confrontation. Jehovah's Witnesses' ignorance of facts must be unearthly, for a human being cannot close his eyes in this way. Whenever the audience makes gestures that agree with my facts on an A4 sheet, Jehovah's Witnesses grab their things and leave. Today it all had a very cozy character and Catholics and ecumenists were also relaxed. An Italian girl asked me out. Later she walked too close to the Jehovah's Witnesses and I heard the sound of church bells: "All this man has told you is ..." The looks of the Italian woman pointed out that Jehovah's Witnesses were really bad about me.


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