Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 456July 18, 2019

Public Prayer of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witness in a Transparent Dress in Sermon Service

Saturday: Jehovah's Witnesses on Tour

On Saturdays, more or less dubious Christians sometimes let off steam in Heidelberg, so that Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to focus on door-to-door advertising. In fact, I met Christians in Heidelberg on Saturday who use terrible pictures, as the Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses like to do. My criticism of their habits led two women to lie to me blatantly. They claimed that I had not been in their church. However, I am sure I was there and wanted to check with the young man I first approached. At that moment his mother, one of the lying women, came and told him a few sentences in a foreign language.

When I asked if it was Christian to exchange secret messages in this way, the so-called Christian just kindly said, "Have a nice day!" That's what Jehovah's Witnesses do even when they want to get rid of you.

The Jehovah's Witnesses who went from door to door made a strange impression on me. I couldn't decide whether the young man would scold the young woman or persuade her to do anything.

Heidelberg on Thursday – Jehovah's Witness in a Transparent Dress

Preaching is the only true worship for Jehovah's Witnesses. Group prayer is forbidden in public. Strangely enough, Muslims stretch their bottoms up into the sky. Now Jehovah's Witnesses come along with sexual perversion. Presumably, the experience of a Jehovah's Witness who repeatedly gave the impression of being a man, in a transparent dress, seeing in sermon service is more blatant than the threat of the Witnesses Jehovah's Police-Copy of Walldorf and the unjust conviction by Judge R. from Wiesloch Court. What will the Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide think when they experience this? Will the possibility that child abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses takes place in a protected mode be considered?

In the Watchtower Society, child abuse is generally placed in Jehovah's hands as long as no two spectators were present during the abuse. The police are not involved unless someone insists. But even this relatively new freedom to report the child molester is probably cleverly circumvented. It should not be forgotten that the Watchtower Society still has its flocks under tight control.

And then a Jehovah's Witness appears in Heidelberg in a transparent dress. You can't even tell from the enlarged photos whether she or he is wearing panties underneath. Only in a later photo does one suddenly recognize something like a big dark man's underpants. Did the man briefly go to the toilet to put on his underpants? The difference between the photos can be clearly seen. At first the thighs shine under the dress. Then a black Bermuda shorts appears. But the photo that gives this underpants impression can also be a coincidence, because later photos don't show these trousers anymore.

How unbelievable the insolence of Jehovah's Witnesses is! Just as no Jehovah's Witness has noticed the feat of wearing a transparent dress, so little are the serial murders of the Watchtower Society by human blood lies suited to open the eyes of these poor seduced people. They all take part in the anti-Christian dance and actually think they are the only true Christians. The devil cannot produce a more impressive deception if it exists. But exactly these things are violent indications that he exists.

The behaviour of Jehovah's Witness, who was clearly recognizable as a woman, was quite helpless and therefore sympathetic. She was probably the driving factor for the fact that the location was constantly changed. Sometimes just by 8 meters, sometimes by a little more. She was also constantly looking around for me. Hopefully she understood the meaning of the signs. "Six-year-old from Walldorf died of Jehovah's blood doctrine!" and "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death!" She didn't make a stupid impression and didn't seem quite so brainwashed.

The Heidelberg audience

What has become very clear in recent days is a huge interest of the people in the destruction of Jehovah's Witnesses. If the Walldorf Witness Jehovah's policeman wants to do something meaningful for the Watchtower Society, he has to go on patrol in Heidelberg every day with his fists clenched and his Nazi outfit and scare me as he did in Walldorf.

The people in Heidelberg, whether local or tourist, inform themselves in such a wonderfully refreshingly free way according to the facts that the conversations are literally piling up. Bearing this in mind and also to avoid the Jehovah not-photographer terror, I make myself and so always more independent of the location of the sermon service carts. I walk with the signs very slowly through the pedestrian zone and enjoy life.

Now it is actually time that the Antifa intervened to expose itself thoroughly. The video on this page shows an antifant. Shortly after, a normal person comes along.

Today I spoke with quite a few children in Heidelberg. I was flat that many of them freely confessed their faith in Jesus Christ when I said that I belonged to Jesus. Gross! Let's see how the whole thing develops!


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