Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 338

Action in Gmunden town square and in front of two kingdom halls

by Walter Nagl

Gmunden in Austria on 12 and 13 August 2017

Hello Ruediger,

You see, your courage has borne fruit. Because of your inspiration this "one-man-action" happened. On Saturday, the 12th in Gmunden at the Rathausplatz, where groups of people became attentive again and again. It was also read by car drivers along the main street.

13 August: Action in front of the Kingdom Hall in Gmunden, before the beginning of the meeting. Some brothers waved back, most ignored the information. Otherwise everything remained quiet.

Two hours later in front of the hall in Ebensee after the verse: An elder jumped onto the sidewalk, photographed me from the opposite street and shouted to me: "Now I've got you, Walter! Now I'm going to report you!"

A second eldest came and got him back. Then I saw several elders on the phone. Hardly anyone drove away from the parking lot, ... About an hour, but no police arrived!

Since I informed the police in Gmunden and Ebensee thoroughly BEFORE the action, they waited in vain. So they were forced to drive past the information stands. Some nodded to me, others stubbornly drove past. In Gmunden on the other hand a patrol car passed by and they inquired whether everything was quiet and I was not obstructed.

Matthew 10,26 Therefore do not be afraid of them: for there is nothing covered up that is not revealed, and nothing hidden that is not made known.


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