Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 337

Can God be bribed by piety?

What does your good work count?

Before I read a new commentary that deals exactly with this topic, I called the photos "God-being-bribed-by-devout-doing". This occurred to me and so the question of what I would call the new site came up in advance. Jesus says: Whoever does the will of the Father is my mother, my brother and my sister. What is the will of God? The Father says, "This is my dear Son. He hears him."

We can only hear Jesus if he has access to our hearts. If he cannot be in our heart, we cannot do the Father's will. Only God can be in us. Only God has the ability to always be with us. He who does the Father's will hears Jesus in his heart. In other words, if you do not acknowledge Jesus as God and invite Him into your heart, you cannot do the Father's will. The Father's will is: Listen to Jesus.

Listening to Jesus is not difficult. He gives us the strength and the drive and the motivation and the love for it. But we must not confuse this with human or religious morality. Anyone who builds a moral framework has already separated from Jesus and built a replacement Jesus of moral cardboard within himself. For Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower Society is the replacement cardboard Jesus. They must serve him very diligently so that they can imagine that they have made themselves popular with him. But the Jesus of the Bible loves us all and so on. Nobody has to make himself popular with him. That is why no one needs good works instead of Jesus. Jesus saves. Not good works and not religion either.

He who trusts in Jesus does the works of God by faith. These are works that are worked by God. That is a good thing. Because in this way no one can imagine anything. The question is not how much good we have done, but only whether we have trusted Jesus.

There was no Jehovah's warrior in Bruchsal. School free? Vacation? After work? I don't know.

Jehovah's Witnesses caughtIn Heidelberg I saw two funny Watchtower fighters at the mailbox, who literally beamed at me. What kind of friendly people are Jehovah's Witnesses? It wasn't a friendly laugh from them, but something like a gnashing mockery, but it was funny. Both for them and for me. Only 2 minutes later the laughter of the two Jehovah's Witnesses got stuck in their throats when they read: "Why do Jehovah's Witnesses need cannibalism laws? – To bleed people to death. " It's not easy to be a non-cannibal of a religion with cannibalism laws. The only protection Jehovah's Witnesses have not to go mad is to recruit new people and recruit new people and recruit new people and recruit new people. They do not suspect that they are all just new death candidates (not for eating, but for bleeding to death and dying spiritually).

As I progressed, I simply walked behind the Jehovah's Witnesses with my signs. The thought that they have their cannibalism law because their mistress, the Watchtower Society, murders people is not only alien to them. Also many Christians cannot understand this murder instrument, which does not exist in the Bible at all. Christians and non-Christians resist me. Christians friendly, non-Christians unfriendly. So a passing man said to me: "You are an idiot!" And ecumenical Christians fended me off with empty phrases. One refused to speak to me and read the Bible doggedly.

But they do not want to understand that the bare lie can only be uncovered if it is named and denounced. Ecumenicalists live in their staked out claim and prefer to send young families to China rather than uncover the lie on their own doorstep. Atheists and free thinkers love their bread peace so much that they become insulting. They feel disturbed by warning signs. Oh how modern man is. God is too old-fashioned for them. Religions, denominations and stall magic divide the people among themselves. But nobody wants to know that man can really only be at home with Jesus.

Lie and truth have made peace with each other. Catholicism has made this peace and is watching over it. This peace is about the following: Leave me my sacrifices, and I will leave you yours. If you don't spit in my soup, I won't spit in your soup either. If you don't chop out an eye, then I won't do it either. And Christians join this ecumenical peace and think they have not lost their purity. But the point is that they no longer do the Father's will. They no longer listen to Jesus, but to religious agreements with liars. This is the bed where bugs cavort and suck blood.

In the eyes of ecumenical friends and Masons, I am nothing but an idiot. They revolve around themselves. They dance around themselves. They have blinkers and blinds in their heads that make their lives more bearable. One just settles in to this world. You build your own little kingdom and let God visit you on Sundays. They have forgotten that God's kingdom is not of this world. Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholicism and ecumenism are diligently building their private version of the Kingdom of God. They do not ask for the Father's will. Why should they? Everything is going so well. The lie is accepted uncritically, the testimony for Jesus and the resistance against the lie is idiotic. What more do you want?

Oh, I see. They want a ban on testifying to Jesus. In Sweden the testimony is already punishable for Jesus. And you can be extradited to Sweden when it counts. This is already firmly anchored in Europe. But it doesn't matter that a religion murders people with the help of a cannibalism law that cannot be found in the Bible. The main thing is to seem pious. Hail Jehovah!


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