The Watchtower Society continues its diabolical sermon service unperturbed and burdens people with demonic representations. Under the guise of progressiveness (subject: prejudices and discrimination), it feeds souls with the burden of small demon faces that eat their way into people's consciousness unnoticed.

Front page Awake, AUGUST 2009
Front page Awake, AUGUST 2009

The progressive theme of the religious magazine Erwachet! is only waste paper for the real enterprise of the Watchtower Society. The true message of this "only true" religion consists of the multiple demons incorporated to influence people. To the "reasonable adults" of the Western hemisphere such an attempt may seem rather ridiculous, but the soul prison of Watchtower theology paints a different picture. Those who know a Jehovah's Witness personally and share his sorrows and needs know that the demons of Jehovah's Witnesses are real fears.

Awake Demon

The Devilish Perfection of the Watchtower Society

The thoughtful perfection with which the Watchtower Society hides these demons in its writings is frightening. It is often the case that it is only during the creation of the reports on the Watchtower Demons that the fattest fireworks appear. Also the discovery of the natural male sex organ at the shoulder of Maria took place only during the creation of the page. The same is true for the demon shown above. The hair of this very good looking woman is twisted into a creature that nobody normally discovers. Only from a certain point of view, under a certain light the demonic being distributes its anger and rage visibly. This anger is the anger of the Watchtower Society against Jesus, who is the true God of Christians.

Perfect qualitative / quantitative balance

Equally frightening is the balance with which the Watchtower Society uses demons for quantity and recognition. The maximum effect seems to have been achieved and the minimum realization of the atrocity in the spirit of Jehovah's Witnesses as well. But Jehovah's Moloch did not expect Christians to be able to uncover these things. The channel of Satan always works very perfectly in these things, but it cannot include Jesus in its planning. Just as Jesus defeated Satan on the cross and the superior opponent was robbed of his power forever and ever, the Watchtower Society is exposed by true Christians and made known in the world as the long arm of the devil.

Very small, but effective

The more inconspicuous the demons are, the less attention and caution the Watchtower and Awake! manufacturers must apply. That's why these smaller mini-appearances aren't particularly piled up! By this one can recognize the perfectionist organization of Satan. Even in the area that requires less effort and less attention, it does not go on black ice.

Mini demon

Of course there are many more demonic allusions in the "Gesamtkunstwerk" of this title page which are not documented here but can be discovered by the attentive observer. Just lay these creations down somewhere in your home: on the sofa, on the windowsill, on the kitchen table. Each time you pass by, you will discover something new that could scare you if you were infiltrated with the fear of Armageddon like the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Little demons, eye – eye – mouth, that's all it takes

They're often not even great detailed demon faces. The gaze of a strange being is enough to give the impression of being observed. And the diversity of the Watchtower Demons does the rest. If you look at the original image at the top, you will see a translucent bright devil's head at this point. The skull with black eye sockets is the main feature of the Watchtower demons. Sometimes, however, very appealing horns are added, which "delight" you with an entertaining shiver. It is unclear whether the Jehovah's Witnesses also see this as happiness.

Even normal backgrounds are filled by the Watchtower Society with beings who look at you in mysterious ways.

Demons in the background

Not every booklet published by the Watchtower Society is so intensively equipped with demons. The Watchtower Society handles these things so carefully and cautiously that chance can be categorically ruled out.


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