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Jehovah's Witnesses bear sole responsibility for their aberration

Not only are Jehovah's Witnesses very rarely regular members of the Watchtower Society (Jehovah's Witnesses or how to become a church by fraud), they bear sole responsibility for their aberration. In order to prevent any kind of attribution of responsibility by individual Jehovah's Witnesses to the faithful and understanding slave, the images in the literature of this organization are repeatedly marked with marks that enable everyone to recognize the true origin of this "religion."

Jehovah's Witnesses calculate that by joining the Watchtower religion and the resulting spiritual conformity they have given up any responsibility of their own towards God and mankind. They perceive the Watchtower organization as a kind of responsibility taker, just as Christians have in Jesus a mediator who takes responsibility for everything before the Father. This assumption of responsibility by the faithful and intelligent slave makes the Watchtower Society de facto a counter-Jesus for those who rely on it. While the Christian stands there snow-white before God through Jesus, no matter with what intensity he experiences the presence of Jesus in his life, Jehovah's Witness has the wafer-thin hope of not having to bear the responsibility for his sins by brainwashing the slave from Brooklyn. The inner complex of this hope can be represented in an equation.

Degree of brainwashing = Degree of sinlessness

While Jesus gives us Christians freedom from sin without conditions and reservations when we follow Him, Jehovah's Witnesses must always be careful to celebrate their loyalty to the organization both before their own consciences and outwardly. While a Christian can never be torn out of the hand of God, salvation (purity before God) is always on the edge with Jehovah's Witnesses. In this way, they are under a stress load throughout their witness lives that every psychologist must classify as sickening. The struggle for survival gains an ancient archaic dimension for them, which is experienced on a spiritual level for Jehovah's Witnesses every day in a deeply vivid way. The game with the primal fear of death and destruction binds these people without mercy to the slaves from Brooklyn.

But the senselessness is already clearly recognizable today!

Jehovah's Witnesses are not only mocked by the fact that they are not allowed to be registered members of the Watchtower Society, as should be the case in any religious community, but the organization also signals through its illustrations that the hope of salvation is completely pointless. The Watchtower Organization regularly embeds signs in its images that clearly state that the Watchtower Clothes are an initiative of Satan. These signs make it clear that any human search that might one day have led to Jesus, but was bent over by the Watchtower seduction, was and is meaningless. These signs form the basis for responding to each and every Jehovah's Witness who was surprised and therefore outraged by the judgment:

You could've seen it every day if only you'd wanted to see it!

Signals well hidden and yet clearly visible

These signals are mostly clearly recognizable and justify the extremely high technical printing expenditure, which is applied to the altogether quite plainly kept booklets of the religion publishing house from Brooklyn. In order to be able to tell every single Jehovah's Witness at the end that he has fooled himself, the Watchtower Society must realize these signs and clues with the most modern means and techniques available. And the funny thing is that this effort must also be financed by the seduced themselves!

With the proof of these satanic inlays, the victims of the Watchtower Society can be shown quite objectively that salvation is not sought and found in a human organization, but that the connection to God can only take place through Jesus. The signals of the devil, which can be found in the works of the Watchtower Society, clearly testify that Jesus must always and under all circumstances be mocked. This fight against Jesus already proves by itself that the salvation of man must lie in Jesus. For if Jesus were not so massively fought and denigrated by religions, his work would actually only be of this world. But if the religions of the world repeatedly downgrade and disparage Jesus, this in itself proves that Jesus is Satan's only real adversary. One can already recognize the truth of the Gospel of Jesus by the fact that in the world the fight against him is carried out massively and without consideration in all nuances and gradations. From the materialization of God in the Eucharist to the faith in Mary to the occult prophets of Jesus found on the Internet, mankind is united by the flaming battle against Jesus.

Here are some examples that can show not only Jehovah's Witnesses, but all other people as well, that Jesus is the only one to fight for Satan. Every good citizen who faithfully sweeps the sidewalk on Saturdays and bears all the good citizen virtues of the modern godless man is as involved in the fight against Jesus as the faithful slaves of Jehovah. Whether it is faithfulness in preaching or faithfulness in believing in the theory of evolution, the fight against Jesus is a hallmark of modern humanity. Whether Muslims kill Christians or fantasy religions make people spiritually equal, it all boils down to the same thing: Jesus must be repressed as Lord and God.

Examples of the satanic fight against Jesus:

Click on the pictures. Then a window will open. Here you can view the examples one after the other. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate back and forth through the images.

Watchtower 15 October 2009, student edition, page 9

The series of demons and clues in the form of ES (Eternal Satan, eternal Satan) is successively continued and expanded to increase the relevance of these signs. Jehovah's Witnesses regularly refuse to acknowledge these clear signs in order not to lose the spiritual ground under their feet. But we call to them: You have been terribly lied to! Finally open your eyes and realize that every cheap forest hen in the world is fighting against Jesus. Just like you.


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