Demons in Watchtower Scriptures (Calendar)

The Watchtower Society has no interest in making horror books and horror comics out of its unchristian writings, which are already recognizable to experts. She therefore depicts the demons desired by her boss in such a way that Otto-Normal-Zeuge does not recognize them, but only unconsciously absorbs them.

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1993, deco page March/April
Demon at the millstone

Also the donkey head is provided with a demon. Small and well hidden, the demons enter the consciousness of Jehovah's Witnesses and cause a latent fear. This fear, whether only psychologically interpreted or even seen as demonic fear, keeps the Jehovah's Witnesses under the spiritual control of the Watchtower Society.

Demon on donkey's head

Even from below the millstone two dark eyes look at you.

Dark eyes under the millstone

These dark pairs of eyes that repeatedly appear in watchtower scriptures seem threatening and tell Jehovah's Witness that he is under constant observation. Especially since the average witness does not realize the effect of these minimal hints, these threats can penetrate the psyche of Jehovah's Witnesses unfiltered, unrecognized and in the long run.

As search pictures the watchtower pictures are top!

A picture of Beerscheba – where Abrahm lives – is quite harmless. But the number of threats is great. At first glance you can only see the "Fletsch-Zahn-Busch" on the right.

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1993, deco page July/August

If the picture is looked at more closely, some "trifles" can be discovered. For the non-witness Jehovah, this is an exciting, very entertaining hidden object game.

Skulls as stones

The stones at the campfire have the form of skulls, some show eye sockets and facial features. The middle one is on the side. Turn your head to the right. Interesting is in the left half of the picture.

Dark eyes in Beerscheba

Again a dark pair of eyes looks at the reader firmly and threateningly. The dead face on the trunk is rather harmless.

If the picture is put upright, many demons come to light.

A few more demons

... even more in the same picture!

And even more demons

The Watchtower Society spends an amazing amount of time and money on its worldwide demonization work. Considering that the Jehovah's Witnesses pay for their own manipulation, the tragedy of the disaster that the Governing Body is carrying out on the worldwide Brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses becomes apparent. From this point of view, we also understand why the first Tower of Babel was personally thwarted by God. For the bundling of power in human hands through globally united "brothers and sisters" inevitably leads to manipulation and abuse.

The Watchtower Society is never the channel of God, and anyone who doesn't care may feel complicit in, for example, the non-punishment of child abuse by Jehovah's Witnesses.

If lifelong manipulation and rigid paternalism of people is religious practice, Jehovah's Witnesses have rightly been granted church status. Let us hope that as many Jehovah's Witnesses as possible recognize that they are being manipulated from beginning to end. This is not enough for paradise, because Jesus wants er to have power over us. But those who allow themselves to be tamed by human channels of God have forfeited their lives.


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