Watchtower Demon Hairstyles

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1996, Deco sheet March/April
Watchtower-Jesus installs the Lord's Supper

On the previous page we dealt with the oversized hairstyles of the Jehovah's Witnesses and saw that the hairstyles of the people depicted in watchtower scriptures are almost always reworked by the watchtower graphic plumbers. Presumably these unnatural hairstyle lumps are supposed to cause the Jehovah's Witnesses a certain habituation effect so that they don't scream and jump against the wall at the sight of the Watchtower paintings. For as the Watchtower Society depicts Jesus, one can easily fall away from Jehovah's faith!

Watchtower-Jesus with fried egg hairstyle

The hairstyle chosen for Jesus by the faithful and intelligent slave inevitably reminds one of an old joke: If the pope goes down the subway stairs and has fried eggs on his head. He is met by a man with a tie and a collar. Says the Pope: Good morning! Says the man: I know.

But in this picture Jesus has several demons on his head, lying on top of each other like disorderly pancakes.

Demon Head

If Jesus had really walked around like that then, it would have been more than understandable for the Pharisees to accuse him of driving out demons with the help of the devil. Behind his right ear he carries another demon:

Demon behind the ear

Note also the black figures in the background. You can see them through the window. Are they burglars, ninjas, the secret service or just figures that are supposed to suggest to the viewer? "Stay with us in the light! There are lots of demons here, too, but we have it under control!"?

The overall concept of the Watchtower Society is often in the direction of giving Jehovah's Witnesses as many abstruse words and images as they can bear without losing Jehovah's faith. From this the highly religious servant of Satan gains two advantages:

  1. The witnesses blunt and cannot distinguish demons from hair at the end.
  2. The professional liars of the Watchtower-Verlag always know pretty well how far they can go with the lie in writing and pictures without taking unnecessary risks.

Nested Demons on the Wall

The walls are full of nested demons. It is not worth marking them with arrows or circles. Discover them for yourself by letting your gaze rest on them.

Disciple Demon

Even the disciples are full of demons. Demons sit in their hairstyles as well as in their clothes.

Bearded Chest Hair Demon

Hairstyle demon of the disciples

These hairstyles are full of demons. Everything is interlocked in such a way that the viewer himself has to discover the individual demons with a calm gaze. A penis on the disciple's head, lower left:

Penis on head

The Watchtower Society permanently mocks the Word of God and not a single Jehovah's Witness sees through the evil game of the faithful and intelligent slave. Millions of searching, believing people are driven into spiritual and spiritual ruin by the Watchtower Society. They are mentally undermined and turned into puppets of the worldwide demon service. Jehovah's Witnesses actually believe they belong to the one true religion and practice the one true worship. Even the clear demonic signs of the Watchtower literature do not recognize them and are trapped in a system of pride, elitism, and slave-like submission.

Disciple Demon

It is technically not easy to capture these demonic embeddings and prepare them for the Internet, because depending on the incidence of light and the light source, the appearance of these images and thus also the perception of the viewer changes. All this cannot be captured by a scanner, as it always works with the same illumination and the same viewing angle. Anyone who has literature from the Watchtower Society can look at WTS pictures in peace and quiet, even with the aid of different light sources and viewing angles. He will then gain an insight into the Watchtower Society's devilish intention and realize that Jehovah's Witnesses are victims who must be met with resistance. For Jehovah's Witnesses are set on a self-destructive track by the Watchtower Society, which they will not leave until spiritual, mental and physical death, if no miracle happens. Jehovah's Witnesses are under a spell that can hardly be explained by human standards. They were never allowed to know the liberation through Jesus Christ.

When you meet Jehovah's Witnesses

Confront Jehovah's Witnesses with the following Scripture: John 5:23: ... so that all may honor the Son as they honor the Father. Whoever fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him. Tell the Jehovah's Witnesses that the Father is worshipped and therefore the Son must be worshipped! These are the words of Jesus and it is in these words that the Witnesses must decide whether they want to believe Jesus or whether they would rather remain with the contrary statements of the WTS.


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