Demonic Hair Splendour – demon manipulations of the WTS mother

The impression that Jehovah's Witnesses are supposed to give at least in the images of the Watchtower Society is almost scientific. They know exactly what is going on and proclaim the good news of the hoped-for annihilation of mankind. (They ignore the fact that they go to Jesus themselves without the redeeming prayer.) In the images of the Watchtower, Jehovah's Witnesses have a splendour of hair that can hardly be surpassed.

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1994, cover page
The Good Jehovah's Witnesses at Sermon Service

With the usual standard situation – 2 Witnesses smilingly work on a smiling listener – the Watchtower Society shower Jehovah's Witnesses and thus permanently demands the permanent service, the sermon service. Being a Christian cannot be photographed, but being a Jehovah's Witness can. Jehovah's Witnesses define themselves by their hours of sermon service and their silent loyalty to the line. Hour after hour, they work their way through advertising for the Watchtower Society and actually associate this senseless work with a minimal chance of survival in the annihilation of mankind. Yet they only spread demons.

For the Watchtower Society teaches the imminent destruction of all evil. That no human being is good and can only be saved by grace through direct faith in Jesus Christ is concealed. Instead of Jesus, she herself assumes the role of the Savior and claims that she can let her members survive all evil by destroying them. To do this, Watchtower members must practice a certain "goodness" that naturally consists of lifelong publicity for the Watchtower Society.

But not only does the Watchtower Society enforce this easily understandable abuse of the concepts of gospel and salvation and the exploitation of Jehovah's Witnesses associated with this abuse with its aggressive missionary activity, but it also lets it be seen in its images that it is thoroughly permeated by demons. She confesses her ungodly origin in as many images as possible and doses these images of demons so precisely that Jehovah's Witnesses suffer from demonic harassment, but firmly believe that this is a sign of their belonging to the only true religion.

In order to make clear the artificial demonization of the Jehovah's Witnesses deliberately intended by the Watchtower Society, the demons of the Witness Mother WTS must be publicly depicted. Everyone must recognize that the Watchtower Society uses demons to subjugate and keep its people spellbound.

Demons in hairstyles

The Jehovah's Witnesses appearing in the WTS writings almost all have an above-average splendour of hair. With an admirable perfection, the Watchtower Workshop retouches the hairstyles and uses small hints of demons, which are very difficult to recognize, but hardly ever miss their effect in terms of manipulating the subconscious. Take a close look at the hairstyles of the Watchtower Witness models and you'll see: There's a lot of almost imperceptible demons worked into it.

Lying dog
Lying dog in witness hairstyle

Who's got a hairstyle this crass? Only someone who is taken down badly by the devil himself. The Watchtower Society also practices this mockery with the ulterior motive of the respective demons being close to the affected body part. Hairstyle demons naturally always sit close to the brain and mark their wearers as people who have given the devil control over their spirit. Because this kind of Satanism is a hidden variant of Satanism, the state of Jehovah's Witnesses may only be shown by secret hints.

Attached hairpiece
Attached hairpiece

With this young witness the clearly recognizable demon portion is rather small, however, one sees very clearly that the brighter area (above the forehead) was artificially put on later. This is due to the necessity that the Jehovah's Witnesses in the Watchtower scriptures must always be provided with an above-average amount of hair so that applied retouching does not already stand out due to the increased splendour of hair. Therefore most hairstyles get their Watchtower addition.

All gradations
All gradations available

The Watchtower Society uses all gradations of demon perceptibility to create the impression of chance in the viewer. This is what makes the public denunciation of the demon training of Jehovah's Witnesses so difficult. And the first thing that happened with corresponding publications on were requests from the "Munich liar" (JW, who pretended to have been converted by this page) in which he "with contracted eyebrows" strictly demanded, but please, to refrain from such nonsense.

But only the almost unmanageable amount of demon manipulations of the WTS mother can convince people that the devil himself is glorified there. Not single sensational hits, as they ghost around on the Internet, can really expose the Watchtower Society for everyone as Satan's rogues, this can only be a large collection of recognizable offences. So that the great outlaw behind the Watchtower Society can be recognized by all. He who then closes his heart and runs after this seducer cannot be helped.

Two eyes, one mouth
Two eyes – one mouth. And the demon is finished

Often it is quite sufficient to indicate two eyes and a mouth and the demon retouch is finished. It's not about the sensational shock, but about the permanent mental oppression and the always fixed yoke. Therefore even the smallest manipulations are important to maintain the mental breathlessness of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Further examples of applied hairpieces

Calendar of Jehovah's Witnesses 1995, cover page
Hairpieces on top

Hairpieces on top

The two young ladies were given additional hairstyle pieces. What is the Watchtower Society doing this for, if not for the sake of consistently accustoming the viewers to the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses always "look a little different" in WTS photographs? The lady on the left has something on her head that resembles a jellyfish. The lady's forehead on the right is completely covered with gold blonde curls. This artificial retouching should be recognizable for everyone.

Vulture walli hairstyle

What a haircut! The light part (top and back) are put on, added later.

Glorious Hair of Jehovah's Witnesses

The hair of the Jehovah's Witnesses is amazing. Who knows, maybe the research departments of the hair growth companies should try Jehovah.

Demon at the forehead

How expensive is a dark-eyed forehead demon at the hairdresser's? It would be helpful, of course, if a few models would come forward and tell us whether they were really photographed that way.

New hairstyles of Jehovah's Witnesses

Once again, the ladies from upstairs. Where before the jellyfish was with the left woman, a small goblin makes himself comfortable. And on the lady on the right you can see the part that was subsequently retouched into the jellyfish. Right above her left eye is a demon face.

The dog in the neck

But also Jehovah's Witnesses with thinning hair shine with demons in their hairstyles. Two animals look at this man from the back of his head.

So far some pictures from the calendars of Jehovah's Witnesses 1994 and 1995.


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