Demons in the Literature of Jehovah's Witnesses

On the occasion of the alleged Christian intention of the Watchtower Society, all demonic representations from the literature of Jehovah's Witnesses must be published as far as possible, until even the last bona fide witness becomes critical of his earthly mistress! For there are more "religious scholars" appearing on the Internet and overloading it with so-called "professional articles" about the Jehovah's Witnesses, which are only supposed to serve to displace critical web pages from the net and to show the public that the Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed Christians. But Jehovah's Witnesses have even less to do with Jesus than Muslims. This can be seen in the fact that the argumentation against the deity of Jesus in Islam is by far not as decidedly polished as in the Watchtower doctrine. Also even former Jehovah's Witnesses are still so strongly caught in their anti-Jesus theology that they cannot turn to him. This effect of spiritual imprisonment does not exist among Muslims. They also do not work with demons and do not oppress their believers with subliminal demon representations.

Worshiping the only true God, page 46
Red Eyes

Simply insert red eyes and an almost transparent outline and the demon is ready. And no matter how small the effect, the Watchtower Society ironically follows the principle of equipping images with demons. Quote (, page 8 – unfortunately no longer available): "The numerous pictures in the various biblical literatures are intended to reach the heart and senses of the reader." Even schoolchildren are positively attuned to the Watchtower Society in the course of tolerance training, completely without the participation of the Watchtower Society. Differentiation is minimized. This is the education that prepares people not to care when other people are oppressed by sects.

Worshiping the only true God, page 67
Again a Demon in women's hair

No matter how boring it is! There must be a demon in the picture! Otherwise the picture in the Watchtower literature would have only half the value. Only the more or less conspicuous demon makes the picture valuable for the Watchtower Society.

Women's hair with demon

It is by no means a matter of accusing the Watchtower Society by means of sensation and trara of any demon use, but of proving with the regularly occurring demon technique that the Watchtower Society works with the worst manipulation. This proof hardly seems to interest anyone, which further increases the reprehensibility and danger of the Watchtower Society. While the Internet is full of glorifying accounts of the tragic suffering of Jehovah's Witnesses, the cause of this suffering is disappearing. The cause of the suffering of Jehovah's Witnesses is the flawless anti-Christianity of the Watchtower Society. It uses the Word of God to enslave people and cast them under its devilish spell.

Worshiping the only true God, page 76
Armageddon Demon

The mere fact that the end of the world in heaven shows a skull is a mockery of the Bible. For the return of Christ can never be accompanied by a skull demon. Demons cannot endure the presence of Christ. So this representation of the end of the world is to be classified as a fantasy product of people who consciously serve Satan.

Armageddon Skull Demon

Even signals such as those sent out by the prayer help family allow us to recognize their satanic origin. Not only the Masonic motives of the founder of the Watchtower Society, Charles T. Russell, expose the organization with the melodious name "Channel of God," but also the scattering of unbelievable false reports among the people of witnesses, which are exactly opposite to the Bible. The assumption that there might be a skull demon in heaven at the return of Christ is one of them.

Worshiping the only true God, page 84/85
Beautiful new demon world

While the nice woman on the veranda already sweeps the new world, the little daughter appears on the right and makes the family complete again. How nice that one was a Jehovah's Witness. In this way everything is going to be fine.

But what are the dark figures doing in the shutters? (1)
What's that wrathful face next to the woman on the garden bench doing? (2)

What's the face doing on the barn door in the back? Why do some plants below the veranda have demonic facial features? Not shown are other demon faces in the tree in the upper left corner, which stretches over the whole side. In general, due to lack of time, only a small selection of the Watchtower Society's diverse range of demons is shown.

Shutter Demons

Who's got shutters with bizarre faces looking out of them? Please report!

Garden Bench Demon

Whoever calls the book "WORKING the only true God" his own, should take a closer look at the picture on pages 84/85. It is entertaining to seek all allusions to demons. However, one should pray to Jesus beforehand and ask him for protection from the manipulation of the Watchtower Society. In my boundless naivety I actually assume that the devil himself is the godfather of the Watchtower literature.

On our own behalf

The research and processing of the anti-biblical Watchtower activities consume a great deal of time and energy. I urgently wish for sponsors who will enable me to continue full-time, so that fewer and fewer people will fall into the captivity of Jehovah's Witnesses. Very important is also the translation of the most important pages into different languages, which once again devours a "small sum". The whole thing is a long-term project. If you want to help or know someone who wants to get involved, write to me or call me. Apart from a single prospect of funding from a foundation yet to be established, no sponsor has yet appeared. I have no idea of such things myself. If you contact me, please do not take this as a binding matter, but assume that everything will be discussed, planned and – only if possible – carried out together. Nobody needs to be afraid of a backdown. Thinking together is definitely the right step in the right direction. You can find my contact details in Imprint.


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