Awake NOVEMBER 2009

Awake NOVEMBER 2009 – Healthy Mothers and Babies

In Awake" NOVEMBER 2009, page 28, the Watchtower Society depicts a treatment room in which a pregnant woman sits and her doctor.

Haelthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

At the top right of the X-ray image viewer a kind of alien looks in and on the screen, in which the patient is also reflected, there is a bare skull above the mirrored head of the patient, for which there is no equivalent either in the practice room or on the computer screen (e.g. a certain software).

Haelthy Mothers, Healthy Babies – Alien and skull

As you get closer to the picture, the alien's impression of the x-ray viewer changes. Seen from close up, a smaller alien turning to the right appears and to his right a kind of poison dwarf with an evil facial expression. The Watchtower Society likes to work with these ever-present situation observers in order to make Jehovah's Witnesses aware that they are constantly being observed with the greatest scepticism and with aggressive precision and envy.

Haelthy Mothers, Healthy Babies – Alien and skull (nearer)

The shiny skull with its dark eye sockets on the screen has no equivalent in the treatment room of the doctor's office and cannot be justified by software running on the computer. Such signals subtly reveal the satanic orientation of Watchtower literature to Jehovah's Witnesses. When Jehovah's Witnesses will stand before God, Satan as the Prosecutor will hold a large gathering for each individual Jehovah's Witness. He will say, "Please strike the Watchtower from then and then!"Then the Jehovah's Witnesses will be shown one-to-one that they could not only have recognized these satanic things, but they will be shown that they locked themselves out even when they noticed these demons. This is the method of the Watchtower Society: it spreads diabolical theology with diabolical images and leaves no gap through which a Jehovah's Witness could slip in the judgment of God. The accusation of Satan will be perfect in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses: Fake piety with maximum insincerity!

So it is all the more important to give these poor people the message that they need Jesus. Every person needs Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses need Jesus very much, first, second, third ... and last instance. Jehovah's Witnesses! Accept Jesus Christ as your Messiah. The Messiah position of the Watchtower Society is one of the worst religious traps in the world.


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