Demons in the Book of Jehovah's Witnesses – Annunciators of the Kingdom of God

If you browse through the Watchtower Society's magnificent book of boasts "JEHOVAS WITNESSES – HERALDER OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD" of 1993, you will come across an inconspicuous graphic on page 9 that shows everything about the demonic contamination of those who listen to the teachings of the Watchtower Society. Just as the devilish doctrine of the Masonic religion leads God to have to justify himself to men, to those driven by Masons, so Jehovah's Witnesses at the very beginning of the book are marked as demon-infested and controlled by demons and the dead.

The submission of God is also described directly on the first pages of this book. Freemasons do not shy away from anything, they are well networked and come up with many funny things. With the Jehovah religion of the Watchtower, they have devised a way to submit God to man under strict piety and religiosity. The Jehovahist is convinced that his "God" Jehovah must justify his dominion over creation to Satan.

The following blocks are put together for this purpose:

  • Satan accuses "God" Jehovah, his reign contains only the beautiful for man.
  • The Watchtower-God then lets mankind run continuously into the open knife.
  • Jehovah's ulterior motive is that people should suffer and perish until they acknowledge his rule.
  • Only the Watchtower Society's inferiors can muster the necessary loyalty.
  • salvation does not happen in Jesus Christ, but only through submission to the Watchtower Society.
  • Jehovah's witnesses are thus the helpers of this sad God who must justify himself.

Freemasonry's favorite idea is the submission of all mankind to its glorious views (all men become brothers). In the higher degrees of Freemasonry, Satan is worshipped openly and uncovered. The Watchtower religion is a construction for the lower humans who would never join Freemasonry. The seekers and honest devotees are so brutally hoodwinked by this Masonic-invented religion that they unwittingly follow and worship Satan. The lure and the constantly recurring reward is elitist self-confidence and a hope very similar to the National Socialists' hope.

The poor people who fall into the trap of this Jehovah religion basically give God the necessary authority and support him like the Nazis did the leader in the past. They can really imagine that, and they are therefore constantly on the move with a swollen cockscomb. The pride of Jehovah's Witnesses in being basically God's Saviors by giving space to his need for justification before men springs from every pore of that man. They are not able to see through the man-made, materialistic and primitive power religion of the Watchtower Society, which they are so enthusiastic about.

In this way, Jehovah's unpaid employees feel completely detached from this filthy world. But they correspond in all the fibers of their being to the Masonic mainstream, which imagines that man can be like God. Jehovah's Witnesses are those who have perfectly clothed man's Fall in religious piety and feel completely innocent. This protects them from any kind of understanding. They have managed to submit to the only true religion.


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