More Demons in the Literature of Jehovah's Witnesses

Even smaller pictures are good enough to equip them with demons. The faithful and understanding slave allows the demonic "enhancement" of many images to be used as needed. There are images in which these additions appear, but when used elsewhere they do not contain demons.

Worshiping the only true God, page 116
Talking to relatives

Often the demonic faces are even easier to see when the image is viewed in its original size or even from a distance. But this image reveals even more conspicuous features. There seem to be no limits to the imagination of the demon users from Brooklyn.

Jehovah's Witness talking to relatives

In the lower half of the button row we see a demon threateningly pointing his middle finger. If you let your eyes wander over the shirt, several more demons appear. "Funny" is also that the very Jehovah's Witness who tries to persuade his relative is the source of the demons. This corresponds to the calculation of the faithful and intelligent slave. The spreading of the kingdom of Jehovah is apparently to be done by demonic slaves!

Demons in sermon service

A preacher of the kingdom of Jehovah always seems to have his own demon with him. So at least the Watchtower Society representations ’come across. – Small but fine.

Worshiping the only true God, page 117
Demons in sermon service

It's just a handbag, of course. Strangely enough it has eyes, mouth and nose and seems to control the situation.

Handbags demon

The preacher always has something demonic in his back when it comes to the channel of God.

The pulled down corners of the announcer's mouth signal ice-cold determination

Jehovah's Demon Strategy

As far as the Watchtower Society is concerned, the following goals are important to Jehovah:

The first and most important goal of Jehovah's purpose to incriminate his Witnesses with demons is to imprison them under the attitude of being permanently under observation. Any activity for or against Jehovah should be voluntarily reported to elders so that they can take steps to assist the individual in being loyal to Jehovah. This loyalty is not a faith, but just a kind of blind obedience like the one you find in the military.

The second goal of Jehovah's purpose to incriminate his Witnesses with demons is the detachment of Witness Service behavior from one's own personality. This is important for Jehovah's function as an Annunciator, Assistant Pioneer, or General Pioneer. Other offices within the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses also require this "elimination of one's own," the separation of one's own personality components. Through the demonization found everywhere in the Watchtower literature, which creepingly sucks itself into the mind of the individual witness, the Watchtower Society achieves a subtle kind of unification, the lasting effect of which is so devastating that the observer has to ask himself whether this is really just a manipulation technique or whether demons are actually involved.

The third goal of Jehovah's purpose to incriminate his Witnesses with demons serves the pleasure of Jehovah himself to already confront his Witnesses with unearthly appearances. Some Jehovah's Witnesses even proudly report that they are well versed in the field of demon infestation.

It is extremely tragic that spiritual things cannot be proved physically and even less legally, otherwise the Watchtower Society would have to cease its evil world demon sermon on the spot. The psychological unification of the members of the Watchtower Brotherhood through demonization and extremely restrictive system rule is the world trademark of the "visible organization of Jehovah on earth."


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